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Triad Specialty Products Licenses Feed-Through Fly Control Product to Pfizer

Horse Tack - Fly Control

Piedmont Pharmaceuticals' wholly owned company Triad Specialty Products announced on April 7 that it has licensed its new equine feed-through fly control product to Pfizer Animal Health. Triad developed the product and received regulatory clearance to market it early last year. Originally marketed as Serene Feed-Through Fly Control by Triad Specialty Products, it will now be marketed under the name of Solitude IGR by Pfizer Animal Health. The product is a non-organophosphate oral fly control for horses designed to drastically reduce fly populations in and around barns and stables.

Mike Coffee, president of Triad, says, "We are pleased to license the marketing rights for this product to Pfizer Animal Health. Pfizer is a major player in the equine market, has exceptional products, and does an outstanding job in its marketing efforts. We believe Solitude IGR will become a leading player in the equine fly control category."

The product targets immature flies--the critical gap in fly control programs. Conveniently given with a horse's feed once a day, it passes directly through the horse and is deposited in the manure where flies lay eggs and breed. Laboratory studies demonstrate 100% efficacy in arresting the development of both house flies and biting stable flies, and extensive use in the field confirms the product provides a high level of fly control in and around horse stables and barns.

Solitude IGR is non-toxic to horses, other mammals, and beneficial insects. It uses an advanced method of fly control that has been used extensively in other animal species.

For more information on Serene Feed-Through Fly Control, visit or call 800/208-2270.