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USEF Competition License Procedure Update and FAQ's

US Equestrian Federation

Through the week of May 1, 2005 the USEF will be sending weekly e-mails to competition management contacts containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and updates regarding the new competition licensing procedure. The information contained in these e-mails will also be available in the USEF Week In Review. After May 1, 2005, the updates will continue in the Week In Review only. If you would like to sign up for the Week In Review, go to and click on the “Sign Up Now” banner on the righthand side of the homepage. The updates will also be archived on the USEF website under the Competition Licensing News banner also on the righthand side of the homepage.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the USEF Competitions Department at (859) 258-2472 or e-mail

Q: How do I request date or location changes in the Renewal License Application?

A: Should a 2005 recognized competition wish to hold their competition on dates and/or at a location after 2005, different from the comparable week dates and locations on the license application, the following are options for your consideration.

Option A

USE PRE-PRINTED APPLICATION WITHOUT ANY CHANGE: You may apply for the comparable dates and locations pre-printed on the license application by the deadline of May 15, 2005 with the exception of eventing competitions. Once the Federation has issued your license agreement, you may apply for any changes to dates or locations within 30 days of the license issue date, without being subject to the $75 date and location change fees outlined in GR215.10 and GR215.12. (This is a one time accommodation to assist in comparable week transition.)

Note that the date change you request may not be available as the comparable week process may result in the date being used by another competition.

Alternatively, at a later date, you may submit requests to change the date and/or location of your competition in accordance with the deadlines outlined in GR210.3 and GR210.4, however, the $75 fee will apply to these requests once the 30 days has elapsed.

Option B

CHANGE PRE-PRINTED APPLICATION: Amend the dates and/or location on the license application form. If no mileage conflict exists, a license agreement may be granted. If a mileage conflict does exist, you may seek permission to run your competition within the mileage of another competition, or you may seek alternative date(s) or location(s). See GR213. Keep in mind that several competition dates have shifted as a result of the implementation of the comparable week.

Option C

Should the comparable week process make it impossible to hold the competition due to facility availability, etc., you may wish to consider use of the Inactive Rule as outlined in GR217 of the Federation’s Rules. This allows any Licensed Competition held during the previous two competition years which notify the Federation at least 120 days prior to its competition date that it will not hold a competition the following year, may retain Inactive Membership for a fee of $100, in addition to the minimum dues required with the License application. An Inactive Competition remains on the Federation mailing list and will have its dates held by the Federation for the remaining term of the License, providing that application is made for comparable dates at the same location at which the competition was last held and that the application is received along with estimated dues by the deadline.

Note: You may wish to refer to the Cancellation Rule as outlined in GR216 of the Federation’s Rules. This allows a Licensee to cancel without charge an existing Licensed Competition by notifying USEF of the cancellation and returning the License to USEF not less than 10 months prior to the next competition date under the License. When a Cancellation is received more than three months but less than 10 months prior to the first day of the next competition date under the License, 75% of competition dues will be refunded, subject to a minimum $50 processing fee. Written notice of cancellation less than three months prior to the first day of the competition will be assessed a penalty fee equal to that of the minimum competition dues, unless the cancellation is due to an act of God. Please note, cancellation of a Competition for two consecutive years for other than acts of God does constitute a relinquishment of the comparable dates of the canceled competition.

Q: Can I see a copy of the license agreement?

A: A sample copy of the license agreement is available under Competition Licensing News or at