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AQHF Announces the Flashy Zipper Equine Research Challenge

American Quarter Horse Foundation

The American Quarter Horse Foundation announces its newest equine research challenge dedicated to improving the health and well-being of horses: The Flashy Zipper Challenge. The Challenge, created in honor of the late 1982 sorrel western pleasure stallion Flashy Zipper, will fund reproductive research at Colorado State University. Owner Cecilia Hylton of Gainesville, Virginia, will provide $30,000 per year through 2009. The American Quarter Horse Association will attempt to match $1 for $1 up to the amount given each year. If the full match is met, this will create $300,000 in research money for reproductive studies at CSU.

Interest from the permanent fund will be distributed annually, and the remaining principal will continue to grow. A $300,000 restricted fund will generate approximately $15,000 each year at 5-percent interest.

“Ms. Hylton has been very generous to CSU and AQHF with this matching grant,” said Edward Squires, professor at CSU’s department of biomedical sciences. “She has provided funds to CSU’s research program for the last three years. When she recently decided to renew her funding with CSU, she chose to go through AQHF as a way to honor her stallion. She’s a very generous lady who loves her horses.”

Thanks to CSU’s reproductive research, “Flashy’s” legacy lives on in future foals.

“CSU has successfully used Flashy’s semen that was frozen in 2002 when he passed away,” Hylton said. “I’ve been saving those 82 straws all this time.” She explained that CSU has perfected a procedure that involves cutting a fraction of the semen straw rather than using the entire straw to impregnate a mare. “They’ve produced, with a fraction of a straw, a Flashy Zipper/Cinnamon Seeker baby being carried by a surrogate mare. This is icing on this whole program I’ve set up for Flashy. I’m honored to have owned him and known him for the time that I did.”

In addition to the Flashy Zipper Equine Research Challenge, AQHF houses the Peptoboonsmal Challenge, which supports research of mare reproduction and equine orthopedics, and the Refrigerator Challenge, benefiting trauma-related injury research.

AQHF is proud to announce that two additional challenges – the Shining Spark Research Challenge and the Dogwood Challenge – have met their goals.


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