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Press Release

VitaPowerUSA now offers its world-renowned products to horse owners throughout the United States. Available from veterinarians, select tack shops and now online, VitaPower’s scientifically formulated palaMOUNTAINS™ Equine and palaMOUNTAINS™ Equine Plus* provide much-needed, useable vitamins for equine performance athletes of all types.

According to recent research, vitamins fed as supplements are susceptible to destruction when exposed to air. Furthermore, interactions with some minerals may actually deteriorate the quality of these vitamins.

Scientists at Massey University created a process whereby vitamins are emulsified in oil so that they are protected from oxidation—providing useable vitamin supplements for the horse. VitaPowerUSA Managing Director John Palamountain reports, “Our supplements work so well because not only are the vitamins and minerals suspended in the polyunsaturated oil rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, but they also have 99.5% digestibility and therefore provide a superior health alternative for animals.”

PalaMOUNTAINS Equine contains a special combination of vitamins, biotin, selenium, yeast, garlic and antioxidants. This revolutionary product is intended for breeding, sales and show horses. PalaMOUNTAINS Equine Plus adds creatine to the formulation. It is designed for racing and other high energy disciplines.

PalaMOUNTAINS Equine Plus helps bring horses into peak condition, aids digestion and stomach health, and assists to reduce recovery time after racing. Leading trainers throughout the United States trust palaMOUNTAINS to give their horses what they need. They have been rewarded with multiple Grade 1 winners, such as leading money earner this year, Rock Hard Ten, Breeders Cup winner, Singletary, Colonial Colony, Pleasantly Perfect, etc.

PalaMOUNTAINS Equine has also had excellent reviews in the sales ring and on the farm. The revolutionary product helps horses look their best in a short time period. Omega 3 fatty acids are important for growth and development in young animals and are also good for the health and well being of mature animals. Even studs benefit from palaMOUNTAINS, which assists to maintain condition, stamina and energy levels throughout the season.

The sugar-free formulations are prepared to be extremely palatable to horses and the recommended amount can either be poured onto the horse’s normal feed ration or dosed orally.

For more information on VitaPowerUSA, visit the company online at or call (847) 219 8337.

*The Equine Plus formulation is not available in Kentucky, Oregon or Iowa

*(NB/ Watch for Palamountains Kentucky Derby horses, Greater Good and Buzzard's Bay)