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Advanced Style Frog Supports for Laminitis Sufferers

Press Release

An advanced style of frog support has been launched onto the market. The supports, designed, tested and recommended by The Laminitis Clinic will provide relief for horses and ponies suffering with laminitis and founder. Frustrated with the limited and often inflexible types of frog support currently available, The Laminitis Clinic has manufactured revolutionary frog supports to precise specifications from a tough foam component allowing 100% compression memory which moulds to the contours of the individual frog. This removes the need to cut and shape the product in all but the tiniest feet, giving instant support only to the frog and importantly, not enclosing the heel area, therefore preventing chafing.

Frog supports offer relief by supporting the pedal bone, thus transferring part of the horse's bodyweight from the weakened laminae structures where blood supply has been compromised. This minimises the risk of pedal bone displacement. In an emergency, the frog supports should be fitted while awaiting the vet's arrival.

For the well-being of horses at risk from laminitis, it is essential management for every owner to carry a pair of these frog supports, together with a roll of self adhesive bandage, in their emergency box. For further information, or to place an order, telephone Equi Life on 0870-444-0676 or visit