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JPC Equestrian

JPC Equestrian has launched a new classic knee patch style breech made from lightweight Dryarn fabric. Made from the lightest yarn, lighter even than water, Dryarn helps maintain the body temperature and has other significant advantages of great benefit and comfort to the rider:

• High surface tension. Draws water, humidity and perspiration away from the garment to keep you warm and dry.

• Unique, insulating power. Helps to maintain the body's natural temperature and keeps you protected from heat and cold even better than wool.

• Unaffected by bacteria, mildew, insects or other micro-organisms. No bad odors after intense physical activity.

• Stain-resistant. Does not absorb stains, so they can be easily removed with an ordinary detergent.

• Non-electrostatic. Does not attract atmospheric dust. So, no allergic reactions, at all.

• Graze-resistant and tear-resistant. Unaffected by the unsightly pilling caused by rubbing and more tear resistant compared to natural fibers.

• Remarkable color fastness. Machine washable up to 194° F and color fast even after frequent washing, rubbing, immersion in sea water or on contact with high-concentration solvents.

• Dryarn has a Sweat Expulsion Factor of 1000 as compared to 128 for polyester, 6 for cotton and 3 for wool. When it comes to body temperature maintenance, Dryarn scores a 10 as compared to 9.4 for polyester, 6.6 for cotton and 3.6 for wool. Clearly, Dryarn is a high-performance fabric.

"The launch of the Platinum Country Serengeti Dryarn breech, based on an innovative fabric, is in keeping with our philosophy of bringing unique products to the equestrian market in the USA" says Varun Sharma, President, JPC Equestrian Inc. "Our endeavor is to provide riders with products that add value to their riding experience", he goes on to add.

About JPC Equestrian Inc.

JPC Equestrian Inc., is the US distribution arm of JPC, the world's largest manufacturer of equestrian apparel. The company retails through a nationwide network of over 700 outlets offering a range of riding apparel, footwear, horse clothing, saddlery and accessories. Its brands include Platinum™, Sigma®, TuffRider®, Jaipur Polo Company™ and Henri de Rivel.

JPC's 150,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Asia employs a skilled workforce of over 700 people. State-of-the-art computer information systems and an unmatched manufacturing capability have enabled the firm to produce over 3 million garments since 1992 that have been sold in 55 countries around the globe. This experience and infrastructure allows JPC to guarantee on-time deliveries for a wide spectrum of styles suiting the needs of riders at all levels and disciplines.