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EquiFit Inc. Launches New Hind Ankle Boots to Meet Customers Demand

EquiFit Inc

At the World Cup Equestrian Finals, EquiFit Inc, debuted its T5 and T6 models- additions to the T-BootTM Series. The T-Boot series is a full line of open front and hind ankle boots preferred by McLain Ward, one of the top jumper riders competing in the finals. Many other notable riders have followed his lead.

Like the rest of the T-Boot product offerings, these new boots are lined with T-FoamTM (memory foam)-- the key to maximizing your horse’s comfort and performance. In response to customer requests, EquFit designed the new hind ankle boots to complement its open front tendon boot (T1/T2) models. The T1 and T6 pairing, features durable Velcro closures. The T2/T5 set, features attractive leather and brass button closures.

As a world leader of innovative design and manufacturer of advanced technology products for equestrian sport, EquiFit distinguishes its products from competitors through its use of T-Foam. Surrounded in a high-grade EVA protective layer, pliant T-Foam works with the horse’s body heat to flow and mold to the exact anatomical structure of the horse’s leg. This allows for a custom, contoured fit, greater stability and maximum support. Most importantly, T-Foam absorbs up to 90% of shock and vibration under impact. Because the fit is so perfect and snug, T-Boots minimize the amount of dirt and debris that often creeps up under the boot and causes chafing and irritation.

A rider herself, EquiFit president Alexandra Cherubini knows first-hand the importance of a protective and supportive horse boot. “I developed the T-Boot Series after years of trying different boots on the market,” says Cherubini. “There really was nothing out there that addressed the full range of issues and conditions that horses encounter in the show ring and in every day work.”

As with all of EquiFit’s products, the new T-5 and T-6 models were developed by a research and development team of orthopedic practitioners, materials specialists and professional equestrians. Combining genuine craftsmanship with modern design, and applying technologically advanced materials, EquiFit Inc. is the sole producer of a full line of competition and exercise boots using T-Foam.

For further information please visit our website or call 1.800.225-2610 ext. 128.