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Horse Tack - Horse Feeds

Every horse has its own unique needs according to its age, breed, weight and, importantly, career--whether thatís jumping, racing, dressage, roping, western pleasure, trail riding or retirement. Environment plays into a horseís requirements too, since the vast differences in temperatures, regional soil conditions and moisture levels across the nation, combined with stressors such as traveling and showing, pose varying challenges to equine health.

Below is a sampling of five different horses, and how the Platform System can be tailored to fit their individual lifestyles. Itís simple and straightforward for horse owners to customize the complementary feed-and-supplement system.

Platform Feeds and Supplements:

Example 1.
Name: Connor
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Thoroughbred
Lifestyle and Use: Stalled, Pleasure
Body Condition/Weight: Thin
Level Of Activity: Moderate
Climate: Hot Desert Environment
Specific Challenges: Spent 5 years at racetrack, where he probably developed some joint problems. Connor is often stiff when he first comes out of his stall.

Solution: Based on Connorís level of activity and underweight condition, the Platform Performance Feed is recommended to best meet his nutritional daily requirements. Platform Joint Formula Supplement is recommended to support joint function. Platform Complete Electrolyte Supplement is also advised as a replenishment of loss nutrients (primarily minerals) during exercise and exposure to high ambient temperatures. Platform Weight Formula Supplement is also recommended for increased caloric content of the diet.

Example 2.
Age: 16
Name: Peppy
Gender: Mare
Breed: QH
Lifestyle and Use: Pastured, Pleasure
Body Condition/Weight: Fat
Level Of Activity: Light
Climate: Pacific Northwest
Specific Challenges: Shelly, thin-walled hoof. Prone to founder.

Solution: Based on age, Peppy should be fed Platform Senior Feed, which provides a higher fiber intake (which can aid in weight control, which in turn is critical to avoiding founder) and softer pellet for ease of chewing. Supplementation with Platform Joint Formula is also recommended for a horse of her age. Further, we recommend including Platform Hoof Formula Supplement for improved hoof condition.

Example 3.
Age: 13
Name: Cougar
Gender: Gelding
Breed: QH
Lifestyle and Use: Stalled with Paddock, Performance
Body Condition/Weight: Ideal
Level Of Activity: Extreme
Climate: Semi-arid
Specific Challenges: Nothing outstanding

Solution: Platform Performance Feed would best fit Cougar. Based on his high level of daily activity, this horse will benefit from the added protein and fat in this feed. Platform Complete Electrolyte Supplement is an important added component given the horseís strenuous career and the climate in which he lives. The Platform Joint Formula Supplement is also advised as an approach to support joint health.

Example 4.
Age: 21
Name: Dino
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Paint
Lifestyle and Use: Pastured, Pleasure
Body Condition/Weight: Ideal
Level Of Activity: Idle
Specific Challenges: Chronically stiff behind

Solution: Given his age, this gelding will benefit from the higher digestible fiber intake and softer pellet provided by Platform Senior Feed formula. Although the level of daily activity is minimal, supplementation with Platform Joint Formula Supplement is recommended to support and maintain healthy hip and joint function.

Example 5.
Age: 6
Name: Lucy
Gender: Mare
Breed: Arab
Lifestyle and Use: Pastured, Broodmare
Body Condition/Weight: Ideal
Level Of Activity: Light
Specific Challenges: Pregnant broodmare with foal on side.

Solution: Poor body condition for a gestating mare could have detrimental effects on the future health of offspring. Platform Mare and Foal Feed will provide Lucy with the added nutrients required during lactation period to help her maintain her ideal body weight and provide sufficient high-quality milk to her foal. Platform Mare and Foal Feed will also improve the nutrient content of the milk. After weaning the foal, put the foal on Platform Mare and Foal Feed and transition the mare onto Platform Pleasure Feed.

Example 6
Age: 7
Name: Bubba
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Mixed grade
Lifestyle and Use: Pastured, Pleasure
Body Condition/Weight: Ideal
Level of Activity: Light
Specific Challenges: None

Solution: Bubba is a perfect candidate for Platform Pleasure Feed as an addition to his daily ration of pasture grasses. Platform Pleasure Feed has the right combination of high-quality nutrients to keep him fit and healthy for his lifestyle. Given Bubbaís youth, good health and light workload, supplements are probably not necessary at this point in his life.