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Horse Health Press Release

POTTSTOWN, PA - Horse owners seeking solutions for hoof problems will find a natural solution in the new Four Hoofs all-herbal supplement from Equilite. Responding to evidence that commercially-prepared mineral and vitamin supplements may not be the optimum supplementation form, herbalist Stacey Small, President of Equilite, developed an herbal support product that she nicknames "pasture in a jar."

Nutritional research has shown that most hoof problems respond to a correction of vitamin, mineral, and moisture imbalances in the hoof’s inner structures. The horse’s blood and lymph systems are charged with delivery of nutrients to the hoof, and need a source as close to the horse’s ideal natural diet as possible for optimal speed and quality of growth.

Four Hoofs is an easy-to-digest herbal top-dressing that supplies nutritional natural plant-based minerals instead of minerals derived from rock substances, as found in most commercial products. "Most horse owners don’t know the source of the nutrients in their horses’ feeds and supplements," Small contends, "I think they would be surprised if that information was disclosed."

"Many of the herbs in Four Hoofs are found commonly in places where horses would graze," Small comments. "In a perfect pasture, you’d have them growing in and among the grasses, and our horses would be eating these plants. And their hooves would show it!"

Boosting the herbal content of the supplement is a selection of sea-based nutrients including seaweed (kelp) and marine-based natural substances such as red algae, blue-green algae, and brown algae.

Four Hoofs is recommended for horses with documented hoof problems, in recovery from hoof surgery or traumatic injuries, or whose owners prefer to provide natural supplements that are easy to digest and absorb. It may also be an excellent alternative for horses that have not responded to commercial-grade biotin/methionine formulas.

Four Hoofs is sold in tack and feed stores throughout the United States, and is part of Equilite’s "Nature’s Best Botanical Blends" line of herbal supplements for horses. Look for Equilite products, including the popular "SORE NO MORE" line of herbal liniment products, with colorful new "blossoming horses" labels at your dealer. For more information on our full product line, visit our web site at

Equilite, Inc. provides a complete line of all natural, drug-free herbals, homeopathics, and flower essences to get your animals back to their natural roots!