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Devon-Aire Reinvents the Tall Boot


When the Devon-Aire family decided to reinvent their tall boot line, they decided to go all out, and attempt to reinvent the tall boot itself – not in appearance as some have tried, but instead to provide the quality of a $600 boot for about a third of that price.

“Redesigning patterns is an expensive and intensive process,” said Andres Lendoiro, vice president at Devon-Aire, and a member of the founding family, “so we decided to really go for it.” Lendoiro elaborated, “First, we gathered inspiration from many fashion and a few equestrian styles we admired, to design our own look that maintains the traditions of the field and dress boot, but with an updated silhouette that’s very flattering and provides a truly close-contact feel for the rider.”

“Next, we sourced out some exceptionally fine European calfskins that were highly competitive in price, to ensure that we could maintain the Devon-Aire promise of the highest quality for moderate prices.” Lendoiro finished by saying, “And finally, we took a hard look at our footbed – our own exclusive UGS technology – to see if we could make improvements there too. We were able to make a significant improvement to the comfort and support by forming the carbon steel shank to follow the arch of the foot more closely. Most manufacturers – even of the high-dollar ‘athletic’ boots – use a plastic shank that is not as durable nor as supportive as our UGS.”

Judging by the word in early testing, Devon-Aire has succeeded in their reinvention. The new Devon-Aire boots are garnering unanimously rave reviews, even from riders who usually wear custom boots. All surveyed expressed a high degree of pleasure with the appearance, fit and feel, and when told the suggested retail price, were absolutely amazed Devon-Aire could do it.

Darin deAlvarez, also vice president at Devon-Aire, said simply, “Providing the highest quality for a moderate price is who we are. We’re a riding family too, and we like to make it a little easier financially.”

Boot Details

Camden Field Boots and Camden Zip Dress Boots are brand-new, featuring fine European calfskin and a superb contouring to the leg, including a heel counter re-cut in the elegant and modern curved style rather than the boxy style of yesteryear. Both all feature a nipped-in top at the knee, elastic gusseting, high Spanish top, and ultra-contoured UGS Technology carbon-steel shank and cushioned footbed for max comfort. Plus, the dress boot features a nicely finished snap detail and a hidden back zip all the way to the heel. Available in Dress and Field, in sizes 4-10.5 whole and half, in calf sizes slim, regular, and wide. MSRP $199.95.

Hampton Details

Hampton Zip Field Boots (shown above) are exactly as the Camden is detailed, above, but also feature a nicely finished snap detail and a hidden back zip all the way to the heel, plus a superbly supple European calfskin. Hampton is available in Field Zip only, in sizes 4-10.5 whole and half, in calf sizes slim, regular, and wide. MSRP $219.95.

About Devon-Aire

Devon-Aire is the country’s leading English riding apparel manufacturer, still family-owned and operated after 31 years. Based in Tampa, Florida, Devon-Aire designs and manufactures a full line of apparel for show and schooling, including Aegis™ helmets, paddock and tall leather boots, breeches, jodhpurs, tights, show shirts, coats, and schooling tops. For more information, please call 813-884-9544 or visit