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American Horse Council

“Right to Ride” legislation has now been introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. This legislation in intended to preserve the access of horses and pack stock to public lands where there is a historical tradition of such use.

Specifically, the legislation mandates that the lands should managed by federal agencies “to preserve and facilitate the continued use and access of pack and saddle stock animals on such lands… where there is a historical tradition of such use.” This legislation would apply to federal lands managed by the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service.


Representative George Radanovich (R-CA) introduced his bill, H.R. 586, in the House of Representatives on March 15. The bill was referred to the House Resources Committee and the House Agriculture Committee.

Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) introduced an identical bill in the Senate, S. 781, on April 14. The bill was referred to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Co-Sponsors Needed

Both gentlemen have asked us to help generate cosponsors for their respective bills.

Please contact your Congressman/woman and your Senators to encourage them to co-sponsor the legislation. If you have state or local organizations, please send this on to them. The more contacts we generate of Representatives and Senators, informing them of our interests and concerns, the broader the support that is generated for the legislation.

When contacting your Congressman/woman, please fax a copy of the attached letter addressed “Dear Representative.” If you do not know your representative and his/her Washington, D.C. fax number, you may identify him/her by visiting and typing in your zip code under the section “Find Your Representative.” Please feel free to call the AHC for help.

When contacting your Senators, fax them a copy of the draft letter addressed “Dear Senator.” Fax numbers can be found by visiting the Senate website at and following the instructions.

Please feel free to call the AHC for help.

It is vital to the passage of this legislation that we generate support in the upcoming months. As you know, Right to Ride legislation is important to riders and their continued use of public lands. We want to halt the closure of federal land to horses.

Thank you for your support and involvement. Please send us copies of any letter you send to Congress. Please do not hesitate to contact the AHC at (202) 296-4031 if you have any questions.

Sample letters can be found at