Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack - New Products Release

Ribbon-Ups are designed with sticky foam tape to hold show ribbons. Photos can be tucked inside the plastic strip for easy viewing. Strips won’t damage sealed walls or woodwork. Ribbon-Ups are a new, unique way of displaying both your ribbons and photos. Ribbon-Ups can be applied easily to virtually any surface and features durable, vinyl construction for many years of use.

About Davis Manufacturing

Davis Manufacturing is "The Ultimate in Equine Sports Products." Davis equine products are 100% made in the USA.

Davis horse products and horse supplies includes the following type of Equine Boots: No-Turn Bell boots, Horse Splint Boots, Bell boots , Skid boots, Horse Shipping Boots, Open Front Jumping boots, Weighted Bell boots, Barrier boots, and Horse Boots. Davis also has other fine products that include: Turtle Snaps, Dressage & Training Cones, Medicine Boots, Cow Boots, Sheep Boots, Barrel Racing Shin Guards, Back Supports, Head Bumpers, Jowl Sweats, and Tail Wraps.

When your name is on the products you sell, maintaining a high quality standard is critical in every item that goes out the door. Davis boots reflect that commitment to excellence and are simply the best in the business. Quality control isn't a single department here but it's an integral part of every stage of production.

We also make sure that only the finest materials are used and the necessary time is taken to manufacture each product to exacting specifications.

Finally, we understand horses and the people who ride them. Knowledge of horse anatomy has also allowed us to patent many of our products that provide extra protection and durability.

Our commitment to you is to continue keeping top quality as the focus of our company goals and any new products we sell.