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SHOW Program turns feed bags into cash

Horse Care Feature

Southern States' Special Horse Organization Winners (SHOW) Program helps turn empty feed bags into cash for horse-related organizations. Nonprofit breed associations and horse clubs are eligible. Currently more than 300 groups are earning money through the SHOW Program.

Here's how it works:

Register your organization with Southern States in Richmond, Va., then get everyone to clip and save the proof-of-purchase seals found on the back of each bag of feed purchased at a Southern States store. For bulk feed purchases, submit the customer copy of the delivery ticket. For every bag of Legends® or Triple Crown® feed, your organization will receive 25 cents, and $10 per ton on delivered bulk feed.

Designate a contact person to collect proofs of purchase, and submit as often as you like. Your contact person will send the organization's current membership list to Southern States, and update it annually.

All funds from SHOW must be used for events that specifically benefit the horse industry. Southern States should be mentioned as a sponsor of any events SHOW money is used for, and Southern States representatives may attend those events.

To get the details: Call Southern States at (804) 281-1502 or fill out a form here on their website ( The SHOW Program is administered by Southern States from the Richmond, Va., headquarters. Local Southern States stores are not involved.