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Lexol Quick Wipes Clean Up Again

Press Release

Lexol leather care products continue to win industry awards for quality and value. Lexol recently introduced Quick Wipes -- Lexol Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in convenient 25-count towellette canisters. Lexol Quick Wipes were recognized as the best choice for leather care in Horse Journal's 2004 year-end "Products of the Year" edition. Horse Journal, a monthly newsletter that tests and rates horse products, proclaimed, "It's tough to beat Lexol, a top pick they didn't disappoint us when their leathercare wipes appeared." The article continued to praise Lexol Leather Cleaner's superior cleaning ability compared to other leather care products. "The Lexol Cleaner got our testers' tack the cleanest overall, and the conditioner received consistently high marks."

Mike Franchot is President of Lexol Products, a division of Summit Industries, Inc. Franchot was elated with the recognition, but not surprised. "We really did our homework before introducing Lexol Quick Wipes. We had to make sure that everything was right --- the sturdiest towelette, the most handy container and the maximum amount of product in each canister. When you're recognized as the leader in leather care, the expectations are high. We're confident that we have the best product on the market."

Lexol Quick Wipes make regular care of leather tack and equipment easy; prolonging its durability and maintaining its beauty. Lexol Leather Cleaner is pH-balanced to safely and thoroughly clean leather without the harshness or potentially damaging effects of saddle soaps. Lexol Leather Conditioner penetrates the surface to replenish natural oils and restore its original strength, beauty, and flexibility.

Summit Industries, Inc., located in Marietta, Georgia, manufactures Lexol and Corona products; quality brands that have served the horse industry since 1906. Summit Industries produces Corona Ointment, Corona Shampoo, Corona Hoof Dressing, Lexol pH Leather Cleaner, Lexol Leather Conditioner and Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing. For more information about their superior equine products, contact Summit Industries at (770) 590-0600 or visit or

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