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Horse Tack - Press Release

Well-known in Europe for innovative and high-quality equine leg protection, Great Britain’s Woof Wear is now exclusively distributed in the United States by Toklat Originals, Inc. Pleased to add Woof Wear to its line, Toklat Originals, Inc. proudly manufactures, distributes and imports 4,000-plus equestrian products from its Lake Oswego, Oregon headquarters.

For more than twenty years, Woof Wear has produced performance horse boots featuring durable neoprene, PVC, Kevlar® and other advanced materials. The boots protect the horse’s legs from bruises and scrapes caused by interference (brushing or striking) of the horse’s own legs, as well as from contact with an object such as a jump. Lightweight, water-resistant and flexible, the boots can be worn in numerous equine athletic activities including showjumping, dressage, cross country jumping, barrel racing, roping, team penning and endurance riding and are also suitable for turnout. To fit a wide range of ponies and horses, the boots are available in sizes small through x-large.

Woof Wear currently offers three categories of boots: the Original Range, the Pro Range and the Sport Range. Each group offers distinctive materials and features at a certain consumer price point.

With a strong reputation for quality and durability, Woof Wear’s Original Range has served equestrians well for many years. The boots are made from 5.5mm PX closed cell breathable neoprene for impact protection and flexibility. Unique to the line, breathable neoprene allows heat to escape, preventing excessive heat buildup in legs’ sensitive tendons and ligaments. Other features include durable PVC strike pads and easy-to-adjust Touch and Close straps to secure the boot. Original Range products include Single-Lock Brushing Boots, Double-Lock Brushing Boots, Cross Country Boots, Kevlar® Overreach Boots and the therapeutic Equitherapy Hot & Cold Boot. With all styles available in black and some available in white, the boots are priced from $60.00 to $80.00 per pair depending on style.

Designed for the competitive equestrian, Woof Wear’s Pro Range offers complete protection combined with the latest technology and ergonomic designs to ensure proper fit. Four styles comprise the Pro Range: Pro Ultra Front Boots, Pro Ultra Hind Boots, Pro Tendon Boots and Pro Fetlock Boots. The Pro Ultra Front and Hind Boots feature unique contoured shapes, 5.5 mm closed cell neoprene, durable Kevlar® outer shells to resist abrasion and tough, yet flexible Polyurethane batons that wrap around the legs to offer superior protection against strike injuries. Designed for jumping and other equestrian activities, Pro Tendon Boots are engineered for front leg protection. With a rigid Polyurethane shell trimmed in soft Amara® binding, the boots are specifically sculpted around the horse’s joints to offer the “Woof Wear Flex” freedom of movement, yet still offer maximum protection against striking. For hind leg fetlock protection, Woof Wear makes a complementary Pro Fetlock Boot. All Pro Range boots are available in black and the Tendon and Fetlock Boots also come in white. Sold in pairs, the Pro Range boots are priced from $50.00 - $100.00, depending on style.

At the introductory level, Woof Wear’s Sport Range performs well for a wide variety of disciplines and is priced to fit within many equestrians’ budgets. The Sport Range boots are made with 5.5 mm PX closed cell neoprene, PVC strike pads for impact protection and flexibility and high-density Touch and Close Straps for secure fit. Four boots make up the Sport Range: Sport Brushing Boots, Sport Tendon Boots, Sport Fetlock Boots and Sport Overreach Boots. Available in more than 11 colors, the Sport Brushing Boots provide full leg protection and are suitable for front or hind legs. For use while jumping or participating in other activities, Sport Tendon Boots feature an open front, tough Polyurethane batons for strike protection and double Touch and Close straps. Coordinated with the Sport Tendon Boots, Sport Fetlock Boots cover the hind leg ankle area. For protection from overreaching, Sport Overreach Boots feature a reinforced striking pad to protect heels and soft upper edge to prevent rubbing. Available in a variety of colors, Sport Range boots are priced between $25.00 and $50.00 per pair.

Also available from Woof Wear is the Travel Range of products, protecting not only horses, but riders’ equipment as well. For horses, the Travel Range includes Travel Boots and Tail Guard. Travel Boots feature heavy-duty 1200 denier nylon, reinforced vinyl striking pads at the hoof area and soft fleece lining. Designed to protect from the hoof to the knees and hocks, Travel Boots are available in black and navy and sold in sets of four for $105.00 - $150.00 depending on size. For tail protection while trailering, the Tail Guard is constructed of soft, flexible neoprene, ergonomically designed for easy positioning and fit and available for $30.00. For riders’ tack and clothing, the Travel Range includes bridle bag, saddle bag, helmet bag, boot bag and suit bag. All luggage is made from heavy-duty, water-resistant 600 denier PVC-lined polyester with soft, polyester lining and includes full zippers for easy access, reinforced carrying handles and owner name tags. Available in navy, luggage prices vary from $24.00 to $50.00.

Woof Wear products will be available in retail tack stores in June 2005. For a dealer listing and additional information, visit Toklat Originals at, e-mail, call 1-888-4-TOKLAT or inquire via mail to Toklat, PO Box 488, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034.