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Likit Toys and Treats - the U.K.'s Answer to Equine Entertainment now distributed by Toklat

Horse Treats - Press Release

Known in Europe for providing entertainment, reducing stress and alleviating boredom in stabled horses, Great Britainís Likit Treats and Toys are now distributed in the United States by Toklat Originals, Inc. Pleased to add Likit to its line, Toklat Originals, Inc. proudly manufactures, distributes and imports 4,000-plus equestrian products from its Lake Oswego, Oregon headquarters.

Nutritious and scientifically formulated by some of Great Britianís top veterinarians and equine behaviorists, Likit Treats are fortified with vitamins and nutritional supplements to enhance your horseís general well-being. Designed to alleviate boredom, Likit Treats and Toys improve the psychological well-being of horses by stimulating natural foraging behaviors. Preventing boredom has been shown to reduce cribbing, weaving and other stable vices, which may be caused by the stress of confinement.

Likit currently offers four toy products for horses: the Likit Holder, the Boredom Breaker, the Tongue Twister and the Snak-a-Ball. The Likit Holder is the easiest and most affordable way for horse owners to start using Likits in their barn. The hanging, vitamin-enriched spool has a texture similar to that of hard candy and will occupy stabled horses for hours. Each Likit Holder comes complete with a strong, colorful nylon rope and a Likit flavor of choice. The Boredom Breaker is a combination toy comprised of the aforementioned Likit Holder and a sturdy, plastic ball attached below it. Designed to hang and swing about freely in a stable, the Boredom Breaker fits one Likit and two Little Likits and comes in Blue, Red and Glitter Pink. The Tongue Twister is an interactive toy that attaches securely to a stable wall. A durable plastic ball rotates around when licked by a horse, providing endless entertainment. The Tongue Twister holds two Little Likits and comes complete with necessary hard.