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EZ-All now available from State Line Tack

Horse Tack - Grooming Products

EZAll's™ plant-based cleansing agents make grooming and equipment maintenance safe, quick, and carefree. We've gathered apple, oat, corn, and grain esters and processed them using leading edge scientific techniques to create cleansers that are powerful yet gentle. EZAll's™ natural surfactants immediately release even the toughest caked-on dirt from hair coats and equipment. Plus, nothing could be easier! Simply spray on EZAll™ with our revolutionary foaming tool and rinse off - dirt cascades away without scrubbing.

EZ-All(TM) Total Body Wash

Bathe your horses and other animals naturally and quickly. You’ll see amazing results when you spray on this concentrated natural shampoo. In minutes, dirt loosens and is ready to be rinsed away-without scrubbing! Without the influence of salt or abrasives, your horse’s skin will be smooth and flake-free. Plus, well-cleaned skin won’t attract mites or foster fungus. Just a few ounces bathes an entire large animal! With EZ All™, you get value for your grooming dollar, not expensive fillers and fragrances.
• Clean your animal in minutes without scrubbing!
• Eliminates mite and fungus food sources!
• Non-toxic, readily biodegradable and earth friendly!

EZ-All(TM) Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Now you can clean your saddle pads, blankets, sheets, trailer floors, mats, and more at home without lingering, strong-chemical smells. Just spray on for a fast wash, or dilute the natural wonder for an overnight soak. Your equipment will be shiny and clean in no time!
• Deep cleans stalls, equipment, tack and more.
• Use as a rapid spray wash or soaking solution.
• Non-toxic, readily biodegradable.

EZ-All(TM) Adhesive Eliminator

When the show is over, safely remove adhesives, paints, gum, epoxy and other show day grooming preparations, with this revolutionary plant based solvent. It rinses clean with water only, and won't dry out skin.
• Safely removes adhesives and other grooming aids.
• A must-have for grooming and showing.
• Non-toxic, readily biodegradable and earth friendly.