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Riding from the Inside Out

Horse Tack - Horse Books - Press Release

Trafalgar Square Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Riding from the Inside Out by Lisa Champion. If you’re ready to unlock the secrets of easy, natural riding, let Riding from the Inside Out show you how! This unique book combines the talents of an exercise specialist, an innovative physical therapist, and truly gifted rider. Together, they have created a whole new exercise and stretching program to practice off the horse that is guaranteed to improve your performance on the horse—for good. The Physiocise method is an exercise-therapy system proven to rectify common compensation patterns that prevent riders from improving their technique. Specific problems that are addressed include: breath-holding/elevated shoulders; unstable seat; overuse of legs; rigid arms; unsteady hands; and stiff joints, among others.

Filled with instructive color photographs and accompanied by an audio CD with step-by-step instructions for key exercises and a simple tool called a “bottom clencher” to aid in performing some of the exercises with precision, this is more than a guidebook—it’s a fitness package.

LISA CHAMPION is an exercise specialist with over twenty years experience in the fitness industry. After taking up riding, she began to link her expertise with her quest to become a better rider. ANNA-LOUISE BOUVIER is a physical therapist with an innovative movement awareness and exercise program for training elite athletes and fitness professionals. She brings careful movement analysis and creative exercise solutions to the Riding from the Inside Out program. LARISSA CHADWICK is a Grand Prix dressage rider and works full time as a trainer and coach.

112 pp ∙ 6 ½ x 9 ½ ∙ 116 color photos plus diagrams ∙ 1 57076 324 0 ∙ $24.95 paperback