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Let's Ride: Champions Collection Interactive Game for Horse Lovers

Horse Gift

A horse lover's dream! Stand in the stirrups to ride, jump and compete in three great games! Experience the pride and love of caring for your horse and practice riding skills in these three exciting games. Then compete in the ultimate Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country events throughout the world.

Let's Ride CD-ROM Games

Championship Season

Explore the huge stable to find everything needed to groom, clean, feed and tack your 4 horses. Then take each horse out for a ride to show off your skills in 3 events, each with 5 difficulty levels!

Learn your way around the stable to groom and feed your horse to peak condition. Select from multiple bridles, halters and saddles for your horses. Choose from four magnificent horses to compete in Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping.


You're on a quest to become world champion! Along the way your horse will need lots of loving care. Jump in the saddle of 8 horses for the most exciting Three Day Eventing competition ever!

Show off your best skills atop 20 spectacular horses to compete against real Olympic and World Champion Riders. Compete in the world's top Three Day Event Courses including Show Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country. Receive accurate scoring and expert commentary for a truly authentic experience.

Riding Star

This is the ultimate test. Compete at famous courses to qualify for the coveted Sydney Equestrian Title. You'll be saddling up against 20 of the world's best riders, so make sure your skills are sharp!

Perfect your jumping and turning skills with eight stunning horses that walk, trop and gallop in perfect stride. Compete against your friends or computer opponents in a 10-round Grand Prix season. Engage in competitions with up to four players on the same computer.