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The Rug to End All Rugs!

Horseware Ireland

The new Rambo® Duo from Horseware Ireland creates a system that provides you with a turnout rug that can cater for varying climate changes. As if it wasn’t bad enough deciding what to wear in the morning with our ever-changing weather, deciding what rug to put on your horse is even worse! We find ourselves needing different weight rugs from one day to the next to cope with the varying temperatures to keep our horses’ body temperature at a comfortable and healthy level.

The Rambo® Duo is a layering system that will allow you to adjust your horses’ insulation quickly and easily whenever required by adding or removing a layer and eliminating the need to have separate rugs for each season.

A simple yet technical Rug, the Rambo® Duo combines a 100gm Outer Rug and 300gm Under Blanket to provide a lightly insulated rug for those slightly chilly days and a Heavy Weight Turnout of 400gm for colder ones. The Under Rug is very easily and securely attached and detached from the Outer Waterproof Layer and stays perfectly put when attached. It is made entirely of Nylon and has the advantage of being extremely breathable allowing the AquaTrans™ coating on the Outer Rug to work as efficiently as it was intended, allowing up to 9 litres of moisture to escape daily.

The Outer 100gm layer benefits from all the Rambo features with the toughest Ballistic Nylon Outer Shell, unique Leg Arches and 3rd Surcingle, SureFit™ neck design, patented ‘V’ front closure system, reflective strips and a removable 100gm neck cover.


The Under Rug is easily removed for cleaning and both it and the separate Outer will fit in a domestic washing machine. Next year, separate under blankets will be available to buy so that you have a spare whilst the other one is in the wash!

Sizes: 60" - 87"

Colours: Navy with Baby Blue and Brown Binding

For further information please contact Horseware Ireland on 00353 429389000 or by email Alternatively please visit our website