Horse Tack Review

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Complete Visibility for Riding

Horse Tack - Horseware Ireland

The “360° Hi-Vis Kit” is a complete set of Hi Visibility equipment for both you and your horse that ensures you can be seen from any angle. The Kit is the first complete set of gear that will ensure you are fully visible from all angles and also has the advantage of being more competitively priced than purchasing the entire necessary items separately.

It is proven that wearing Hi-Vis Kit can give drivers a valuable extra three seconds ‘reaction time’ that could save the lives of riders and their horses. The majority of horse owners work full-time to be able to afford their animals and so have to exercise them either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This often means riding out in the half-light and a dark horse coupled with a rider in dark clothing could lead to a disaster. The 360° Hi-Vis Kit includes 8 pieces of reflective gear. For your horse there is a Brow band, Rein bands and Tail Guard and for you a hi-vis vest, hat band and 2 snap arm bands.

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