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Hunt Fronts

Horse Tack Review Staff

How many times have you been at a show – in full attire, 90 degree weather and the judge has not made the call for jackets optional?!? What are they thinking? I guess because at times the judge may be in an air conditioned booth or under a tent out of the beating hot sunlight. Do you wish you could “hide” the fact that you may or may not be wearing a show shirt under your jacket? Well ~ now you can!

Introducing new and innovative apparel for the English Rider ~ Hunt Fronts! Amy Wertenberger, the owner of Hunt Fronts, has asked us at Horse Tack Review to review one of her Hunt Fronts, and the timing could not have been better. Summer in our area gets very hot and humid. At times, various horse show judges will announce jackets optional, however there are those “old-school” types that would prefer you collapse of heat stroke before removing your hunt coat.

How nice it was to slip a Hunt Front over a tank-top, throw on a Show Jacket and head into the ring! Even better, Hunt Fronts are reversible so if you spill your AM coffee (oops!) or if your horse slobbers on you (oops again the following week!) it’s only a matter of turning it around and there you have it… a clean “shirt.”

The 16” chocker of the Hunt Front fits snug around your neck, attaching with Velcro. (Custom collar sizes are also available.) They are 12” wide and 13” long. If you are large in the bust area, we would suggest adding some Velcro or a safety pin to attach the bottom or side areas to your undershirt to keep it from riding up or shifting. We only had one rider with that complaint. Hunt Fronts are made of 100% cotton, cotton-polyester or cotton-nylon fabric. They are available in 19 solid colors, 16 specialty colors and 11 stripe colors. Plus, for an additional cost – add Swarovski Rhinestones or Crystals to your Hunt Front!

If you live in an area where the hot weather makes you want to “hide” your show shirt, or lack of one, contact Hunt Fronts! You’ll stay cooler and more comfortable in the show ring!