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Kerrits Announces Major Marketing Changes for 2004

English Apparel Press Release

HOOD RIVER, OREGON, Feb. 2, 2004 – Kerrits, Inc. announces today the availability of its new line of equestrian performance activewear, release of its new 2004 catalog, introduction of pocketed apparel, participation in Stanley KOP with a 2-story booth, and names Rains & Associates, a national marketing company headquartered in Portland, OR, as its agency of record.

"2004 is going to be a great year for Kerrits", said Kerri Kent, president of Kerrits, Inc. "We are introducing some new product initiatives, and we are making a major leap to position Kerrits as the leader in development of performance oriented equestrian activewear."

New Apparel Line is Built Around Comfort Zones

Kerrits line of apparel is fresh and colorful, with coordinating garments to meet the needs of every comfort level in every zone. Think planting zones, and you will understand the Kerrits clothing concept – with different types of apparel for use in warm, Zone 1, climates, and layers to achieve maximum warmth and protection from the elements, as you move into Zone 2 and Zone 3.

Since Kerrits is located in Hood River, the home of high-performance wind surfing and snow skiing, it is no stranger to extreme temperatures Consequently, the Kerrits apparel line has incorporated the latest in Microfibres and high-performance finishes. The result is a line that is lighter in weight, with improved wind and rain resistance, and offering a coordinated color palette from your head down to your toes. With matching caps, jackets, Zip Ts, breeches and socks.

Pockets Make the Difference

What does every rider need at one time or another? Pockets. For identification, medical information, for car keys, cash, and for the ubiquitous cell phone and GPS. Kerrits has come to the rescue with a pocketed line of apparel clothing… including the innovative Kerrits Pocket Sport Tight. This is a major addition that will have a profound effect on the future of riding apparel.

Two-Story Booth at Stanley KOP

This is a first for Stanley KOP. Kerrits will have a two-story booth, raising the bar and providing expanded display space, meeting room space, and observation space for its customers.

Rains & Associates is Agency of Record

In addition to other changes being announced, Kerrits has undertaken a search and hired Rains & Associates as its new agency of record. Rains & Associates first initiative has been the creation of a new full-line apparel catalog, and a national and regional ad campaign. These pieces are built around the rollout of Comfort Zones and the Pocket Apparel line, and will be going through systematic marketing changes throughout the coming year.

As Gary Rains, president of Rains & Associates, said "The new catalog, newsletter and ads will highlight the best of Kerrits. By playing on the strength of their style and colors, as well as showing their innovation. We are pleased to add Kerrits to our other national accounts."

About Kerrits

Kerrits is a nationally recognized manufacturer of high quality performance oriented equestrian activewear. They have been headquartered in Hood River since their founding in 1986. Additional information is available at their website