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ANKY Bridles - Designed for the form & function of a Gold Medal Performance

English Riding Supply

Designed by Gold Medal Winner Anky van Grunsven this elegant & simple line of bridles consists of a snaffle bridle, a snaffle with a flash, and a full bridle. A complete line of various reins with assorted grips is available separately for personal choice. Hook studs on all ends give a clean fresh silhouette to the horses face. All browbands and cavesons are soft padded and the nosebands are the easily adjustable crank style.

Distributed exclusively through English Riding Supply, also the distributor of the Anky line of saddles.

The Anky® Philosophy

Now the union between horse and rider is closer than ever. Anky® Saddles, made by Ruiz Diaz®, are the perfect bond for total contact, comfort and balance. Ruiz Diaz® and Anky® have given a new spirit to the discipline of Dressage.


Anky van Gunsven's successful trajectory and perfect technique on dressage discipline, combined with Ruiz Diaz's experience on saddles design, have given birth to the exclusive "Anky Dressage".

Anky van Grunsven is one of the riders who won more prizes than anyone in the discipline of dressage.