Horse Tack Review

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Revolver bits offer total control and independent action. This new technology that allows independent action on each side of the mouth is combined with Happy Mouth’s unique scent and space-age polymer that results in a bit like no other—an even gentler bit for a happier horse. Horses in training have proven to exert less resistance to the new Revolver bits than bits with a traditional mouth.

Happy Mouth bits are uniquely constructed with a gentle, flexible, long lasting mouthpiece, which is apple, scented to increase the horse's acceptance and Happy Mouth uses a non-toxic, stainless steel center core.

Happy Mouth™ Revolver Bits are available in the following styles & prices:
Loose Ring Snaffle $34.95 MSRP
King Dee $54.95 MSRP
Racing Dee $54.95 MSRP
Full Cheek (Shown) $59.95 MSRP
3 Ring Pessoa Gag $49.95 MSRPP
Kimberwick $59.95 MSRP