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Paddock Likit

Horse Tack - Horse Treats

Likit Products are proud to introduce the new Paddock Likit, a top quality, high specification mineral lick with Garlic, Yeast and Omega 3 Oils. Incorporating our new 'Happy Hooves Formula', the new Paddock Likit will not only assist in the delivery of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but it will also help keep hooves strong and healthy, particularly important during the dry summer months - no hoof no horse!

Weighing in at a handy and manageable 8kg, the Paddock Likit is easier to carry than other, larger field licks and is also small enough to be used in the stable. The tub comes with a convenient carry-handle which can be easily removed before use.

The new Paddock Likit an all purpose mineral lick enriched with Garlic, Yeast and Omega 3 Oils is designed to provide your horse or pony with all essential equine vitamins and minerals whilst at grass or in the stable.

No hoof no horse! Happy hooves formula containing Biotin, Methionine and Zinc will help ensure that your horse’s hooves remain strong and healthy.


• Extremely palatable
• Easy to Use
• Contains Garlic to help repel flies and to keep airways clear
• Happy Hooves formula containing Biotin, Methionine and Zinc will help support healthy hoof growth
• Contains Omega 3 Oils for a shiny coat and supple joints
• Provides nutrients to balance soil / grazing / forage deficiencies
• Contains yeast which may help aid digestion
• Suitable for all horses and ponies