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Challengair 2000 Equine Vac from Double K

Horse Tack Product Spotlight

Now available from Jeffers Equine, the Challengair 2000 Equine Vac from Double K! The Challengair Equine Vac + Dryer/Blower is a versatile, general purpose equine dry vac plus blower/dryer. Powerful 130" water lift. Reliable 3-yr warranty. Highly flexible cursh-prrof 8' hose. Includes 8 attachments. Padded shoulder strap. Uses easy-fit heavy duty disposable vacuum bags.

Effective - The 2000EV vacuums loose hair, dust and dirt from all types of long and short hair. Saves time by achieving grooming/brushing requirements much more quickly than conventional grooming/brushing methods. Leaves hair clean and lustrous with full "show ring" appearance.

Convenient - Use the 2000EV any time bathing is not practical or the weather is unsuitable. Fourteen foot grounded electrical cord and eight foot flexible vacuum hose, along with the shoulder strap, makes it convenient to reach any part of a large or small animal. The 2000EV can sit on the ground when in use, be carried from the shoulder strap, or hung from the handle or strap.

Horse Friendly - The 2000 EV is the quietest product in its class. Will not frighten horses like competitors noisier products. Horses love the stimulation of the pins on the curry pin brush. The noise reduction on the 2000EV is achieved by virtue of the sound damping low-density polyethylene housing which blocks more noise than metal housings. Additionally, the vacuum fan assembly is enveloped by special noise damping material and the entire motor fan assembly is isolated from the housing by a special "acoustical separation panel".

Powerful - The motor/fan assembly is a 1200 watt, high-speed 24,000 RPM industrial duty Ametek twin-turbine through-flow vacuum unit. This is the most powerful in its class and will clean your animals beautifully.

Reliable - With UL approval on all electrical componentry, this industrial duty vacuum unit is engineered and built to last. Double K Industry's two-year warranty reflects our confidence in the product. The motor has twin ball bearings and the cross-link polyethylene housing is almost indestructible, and will not dent, rust or crack.

Best Warranty - The 2000EV carries a two-year warranty -- including parts and labor -- which covers the product down to the hoses and nozzles. In the event there should be any difficulty during the warranty period, Double K Industries has authorized service representatives throughout the United States.

Ergonomic - The 2000EV is designed to be as easy on the owner as the animal. It is lightweight and the wide padded shoulder strap makes it easy to carry while vacuuming, drying or blowing. The molded in, elongated, contoured handle allows easy "center of balance" adjustment for carrying. The low noise level of the unit is not only good for the horse, but for you as well.

Versatile - The 2000EV quickly converts from equine vacuum to convenient shop vac, car/truck vac, or powerful blower to clean areas around the stable and home! Use any of the included range of attachments for virtually any vacuuming task (trucks, RVs, boats, staircases, campers, etc.). Or simply move the hose from the back to the front to switch from vacuum to blower. Super high velocity nozzle directs high-pressure air where you want to blow leaves, dirt, and debris from stable, yard and equipment.

Dry Horses, Cattle, and Dogs - The 2000EV is great for drying all animals. Comes with the special "air sweep" nozzle for blowing water from the coat for fast drying. High velocity nozzles penetrate double coats and undercoats for fast, effective professional results.

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