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Become Perfect Partners - How to Be the Owner Your Horse Would Choose for Himself

Press Release - Horse Books

Trafalgar Square Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Become Perfect Partners, a delightful new book by Kelly Marks, author of the best-selling Teach Your Horse Perfect Manners. Many horse people spend months, even years, looking for the “perfect horse”—one that is not only athletically capable but also willing and “in tune” with his owner—but overlook the fact that they also need these attributes for such a relationship to be an unqualified success. Through a series of practical exercises, tips, case studies, and, sometimes, humorous stories, Kelly will help you become your horse’s “perfect person.” From analyzing your own behavior with your horse and developing mutual respect and trust, to what happens when love goes wrong and problems arise, Kelly provides troubleshooting advice—the best methods to overcome the hiccups that naturally occur in any horse-human partnership. Her experience, enthusiasm, and good humor, alongside her respect and affection for the horses she works with, combine to make this inspiring reading for any horse owner.

KELLY MARKS is a former champion jockey and show jumper. Since being discovered by the world famous “Horse Whisperer” Monty Roberts, she has made helping horses and people understand one another her full-time occupation. She is the originator of the Monty Roberts Educational Courses worldwide and the founder of “Intelligent Horsemanship,” an organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and fair treatment of horses. Kelly travels the world demonstrating her methods and is the author of Teach Your Horse Perfect Manners and the concise photo guides Creating a Bond with Your Horse, Leading and Loading, Handling the Untouched Horse, and Catching Made Easy.

224 pp • 8 x 10 • 100 color photographs ∙ 1 57076 321 6 • $29.95 hardcover