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Earlier this month, AQHA Professional Horseman Lynn Palm’s Palm Partnership Training unveiled a new line of English saddles designed for stock horse breeds like the American Quarter Horse.

AQHA Professional Horseman Lynn Palm and her husband, dressage instructor Cyril Pittion-Rossillon, recently introduced English saddles that will better fit an American Quarter Horse.

Palm and her husband, dressage instructor Cyril Pittion-Rossillon, spent more than two years researching and developing the saddles.

“So many people (who ride stock horses) have a hard time using an English saddle because it never fits,” Pittion-Rossillon said. “English saddles are typically made for horses, such as Thoroughbred or Warmblood types, with high withers and very steep backs.”

In contrast, the new line features a wider gullet to accommodate the larger stock horse back, along with a concave design in the flaps underneath to fit wider shoulders. Called the Alliance "Quarter," the line consists of two hunter models (with thicker and thinner panels to accommodate different backs) and a dressage model.

One of the hunter models can be used as an all-purpose hunter and/or dressage saddle. The hunter saddles come in two shades of brown; the dressage saddle is black. The saddles are made from French calfskin, and come in an array of sizes.

The saddles were unveiled at the school’s first offering of their “Quarter Horses in Dressage” class at Royal Palm Ranch in Bessemer, Michigan, this month. For more information on the saddles, e-mail