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Purina Mills to Sponsor Horse Health Care Events in Local Markets Across America

Purina Mills

Officials for Purina Mills Horse Business Group, the world leader in equine nutrition, announced plans today to host a series of events in local markets across America, that will help horse owners better understand the nutritional and veterinary needs of their animals, in a fun, interactive "fair-like" environment.

Billed as Purina Mills Horse Health Fairs, these events will give horse owners opportunities to learn health and nutrition tips from regional and national equine experts. Produced in an environment which Purina Mills calls "facts and fun," the Horse Health Fairs will give horse owners a chance to create a sense of community, show off their animals and take advantage of special offers on selected Purina Mills products, during the events.

In addition to speakers from Purina Mills, the events will also feature AAEP Veterinarians, who will speak on horse health issues, preventative care and topics of local interest.

According to Purina Mills Marketing Manager, Dr. Scott King, DVM, "We anticipate the Horse Health Fair to be a big hit with horse owners everywhere. We'll create a fun atmosphere, where people can relax, talk a little horsemanship, have a good time and learn something too."

"A good portion of the program will feature older horses and the issues they face," added Dr. King. "More people than ever before own older horses, so it's important to get as much information in the hands of horse owners as possible. Getting an older horse ready for winter never comes easily. That's why the Horse Health Fair will be held in the fall. Just so everyone has some helpful hints and extra knowledge going into the winter months."

As a part of the program, Purina Mills will encourage horse owners everywhere to support the work of the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA).

During the final months of the year, Purina Mills will offer a rebate to consumers good for $15 back on five bags of Equine Senior horse feed. Consumers may elect to receive the rebate or donate the amount to NARHA, by simply checking a box on the rebate form.

"It's an easy way for people to support an organization that does work that's nothing short of amazing," added Dr. King. "And for NARHA, it's a chance for incredible national exposure, with an opportunity to raise thousands of dollars. The program truly defines what is meant by the term win/win."

Rebate forms will appear in issues of top-rated national equine magazines. They will also be available to NARHA supporters.

For the Horse Health Fair, horse owners wishing to attend are encouraged to register early for their local event because seating and participation are often limited, depending on the venue.

Information on Horse Health Fair dates, times and locations are available on the Purina Mills website, at, allowing interested horse enthusiasts to find a Fair close to home.

Founded in 1894, St. Louis, Missouri-based, Purina Mills is recognized as the world leader in animal nutrition. Purina Mills feeds over one million horses per day, as well as a host of other animals, ranging from domestic livestock to wild birds and deer to zoological animals.

Purina Mills
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