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Professional's Choice Ropes Releases New Four-Strand Ropes

Western Tack Press Release

February 9 - AQHA Corporate Professional’s Choice continues to increase their presence in the industry with the introduction of four-strand ropes to their line. The Professional’s Choice Ropes, Inc. is the maker of the Avenger 2000, Predator, Bonus, Pure Smoke, the original Wrangler Twenty X Rope, and the Wrangler Twenty X EXTREME Rope is an expert in the field and proud to introduce their newest ropes to the market.

The Twenty X™ Pro4: a 100 percent nylon rope that is fast and snappy and gives the roper who likes a lighter rope the benefit of extra body.

The Predator™ Pro4: a poly-nylon blend rope that resists weather changes and offers more weight than an all-nylon rope.

The four-strand design has added body that makes the rope easy to swing, so many ropers can use a softer lay and still get the rope to open up. This also makes it ideal for beginners. These ropes are exceptionally user-friendly and have been tested by ropers from today’s top professionals to weekend jackpot ropers and have gotten rave reviews from every level. They were designed to resist back swing and also have a smoother feel to the touch, but hold a dally as well as a three-strand.

The head ropes are sized slightly smaller, with good weight so the roper can feel the tip of the loop and the eyes are tied tighter so they have a shorter break-in time than other four-strand ropes on the market. Both the Twenty X Pro4 and the Predator Pro4 have proven to be durable and consistent, keeping the same weight and body throughout the life of the rope.

Professional's Choice Ropes, Inc. is a subsidiary of Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. and is proud to be the Official Rope of the American Quarter Horse Association, the National High School Rodeo Association, and the American Cowboys Team Roping Association.

The equine line of licensed Wrangler® products by Professional’s Choice Sports is available through authorized dealers in the United States and Canada. This line is manufactured under license from Wrangler® Apparel Corp.

For more information, or for the location of your nearest authorized dealer, contact Professional's Choice Ropes, Inc at 800-331-9421, or visit