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Paddock boots arenít the first thing that comes to mind when you think of horse tack, however if you have a pair of paddock boots that are uncomfortable or the soles are wearing through, they can quickly ruin any ride. These often overlooked pieces of horse tack canít be underestimated. A good pair of paddock boots can easily make the difference between a good day of riding and a great day. Horse Tack Review continues our review summary articles by presenting the first in a multiple part series of riding boot reviews. Essentially we take all of the recent riding boot reviews and summarize them for you all in one place. Remember, all of our reviews are written and submitted by our readersÖ

Paddock Boot Reviews:

We canít say thereís a clear cut winner amongst the paddock boots weíve received so for this review summary we will list them in alphabetical order starting with Ariat Paddock Boots.

Ariat Cobalt Paddock Boots

Likes: They ARE VERY COMFY and they arenít even broke in yet! They keep my feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, they are flexible enough I have no trouble bending my ankle in them! VERY COMFY! - Stevie

Dislikes: UM? NOT MUCH! - Stevie

Quality: Very thick dandy leather doesnít hurt to be stepped on and they provide good support for my weak ankles! - Stevie

Summary: Good Boots! Deserve their 5! - Stevie

Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots

Likes: These boots are very comfortable. I ride jumpers and during schooling sessions do not like to wear my field boots. I am more comfortable in paddock boots and chaps, especially in the hot summers. The leather is soft and durable. I can muck out the stalls and they clean up easily as well. - Mary

Dislikes: I have never had or heard of anyone else who has had a complaint about Ariat, so I'm not going to start now. Nothing I don't like about them. - Mary

Quality: I've had my boots about 2 years and they still look brand new after cleaning and shining them up. Ariat makes a very quality product. - Mary

Summary: Ariat is a quality brand, you can't go wrong. I just needed a kick around paddock boot and these are perfect. Ė Mary

Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots

Likes: These boots have a very classy appearance and a reasonable price. They were pretty comfortable for the most part as well. - Katie

Dislikes: After close to 6 months of use, the "leather" used on the boots around the toe area started to peal off, allowing my foot to get wet whenever there was any sort of water around. The sole of the shoe started to come off as well. I had regularly cleaned and oiled these boots, and they were stored inside. Ariat was very understanding and replaced the boots for free, but the same thing happened AGAIN! - Katie

Quality: I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the heritage line. They leather was terribly thin and not durable whatsoever. They quality of construction was sub par as well, since the sole started to peel off after only 6 or so months. Not at all what I expected from an always high quality brand such as Ariat. - Katie

Summary: These boots have a nice, tradition appearance, and offer enough comfort to get by. I would not recommend these boots to any serious equestrians who are in the barn all day- they just won't hold up. However, I would imagine that these boots would be wonderful for the weekend or occasional/novice rider, because they carry a good price. - Katie

Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots

Likes: These boots are really comfortable and have a foot bed that cradles your foot while supplying great support. The non-skid treads on the bottom really grip the stirrups well. I can honestly say that these boots are durable. I have had mine for 1 1/2 years and they still look nice when polished and are water proof (very important). They are great multi-purpose paddock boots and riding boots. - Mia

Dislikes: There is nothing I don't like about these boots. - Mia

Quality: These are made of quality treated waterproof leather and rugged, non-skid soles. - Mia

Summary: I highly recommend these boots as they are priced reasonably for the quality. - Mia

Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots

Likes: These boots took maybe a week and a half to soften up, and they feel great. I only ride one to three times a week, but these are great for anything and everything. They've held up well to barn work, and are waterproof - at least as far as I can tell! - Chandra

Dislikes: The zip up version is very uncomfortable. I found my ankle was pinched at the top (and I don't have thick ankles) and the ball of my ankle was blistered because the seam of the elastic insert was right on top of it. The lace ups fit like a dream, I would recommend them. The ankle can be a little stiff, but nothing some saddle soap won't take care of. - Chandra

Quality: The boot is very well put together - steel shank down the center, a flexible sole. The inside of the boots were great - not too hot in summer, and warm when the temperature was low 30s (with some Hanes socks on!). - Chandra

Summary: A good price for a good boot. You're getting a good value for your money, even though it's not as fancy as some other boots. - Chandra

Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots

Likes: I work at a large barn, having a few horses of my own. The barn's owner and my boss recommended them to me as she had the slightly varying 'western' version of the boot, and had been wearing them for 5 years, no problems. The boot is VERY comfortable and easy to slide on, and the leather...for the most part, is durable. I own a pair of Ariat half chaps as well, and would use the pair together to fetch horses, clean, and ride my own equines when I didn't feel like hauling on the tall boots and breeches. The leather was also easy to clean off with some cleaner, and shined up nice. - Hannah

Dislikes: The sole of the boot quickly began to peel away from the leather on either side of my toes, which is REALLY inconvenient to have water squish into your shoes when you go to fetch your horse--doesn't set you up for a very good day! Although I have really put them to the test with water, mud, and hard wear, I keep them inside and they are regularly cleaned, and especially with the brand being Ariat it makes no sense why they've cracked up this easily (I've had them for a year or two, but the cracks have been in for a while.) - Hannah

Quality: The leather everywhere else, except for what is attached to the sole, seems to be nice. The toe is thick (great for getting stepped on!) and the bottom of the sole has stayed sturdy (resisted punctures). The shoelaces frayed just months after buying the shoes...apart from the holes in the sides of the boot, I'd give the rest of the shoe 'decent' construction I guess. - Hannah

Summary: I was pretty disappointed to see that these boots wore so easily, especially since I did keep them oiled. I nevertheless continue to wear them for dry stall cleaning and exercising/riding horses. If you only take lessons and donít rigorously work at a barn as your daily employment, these boots might be good for you. But if you're out there every day, working hard, perhaps invest in something nicer. - Hannah

Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots

Likes: I dislike nothing about this boot! The leather is great quality and looks new again with a polish. When the boot[s] get dirty, all it takes is a quick scrub with a wet rag to make them look like new. They are also very comfortable. They are great to wear all day riding or doing practically anything! Sometimes I even wear them around on walks! Recently I went shopping for new riding boots. I tried all sorts of expensive boots on- but the Ariat heritage was simply the most supple, comfortable, and pretty boot I found! I bought the lace-up version of this boot because of my skinny ankle. No other boot but the heritage fit! I've heard great things about the zip-up version as well. These boots also go great with any Ariat half chaps. Ariat chaps make the heritage boot look like a field boot! - LEG

Dislikes: N/A - LEG

Quality: I loved the quality of the heritage boot. My pair have survived a lot of wear the past year or so, and they still look great! The soles have very little rubbing as well. - LEG

Summary: I would recommend the heritage boot to anyone. It is the perfect paddock boot for casual riding or showing! - LEG

Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots

Likes: Everything! They are soft on your feet, and haven't EVER caused be discomfort. They don't allow moisture in, which is great for long rides, wet weather, and working in dirty stalls. They are padded, and keep your feet warm. I only had to use one pair of socks under them, in the middle of a snow blizzard! They are attractive, and very easy to clean! - Christina

Dislikes: Nothing, I can not thing of one thing. - Christina

Quality: The boots are lightweight and durable, and are very well constructed. The best boots I have ever had! - Christina

Summary: What I am trying to say, is you need these boots. They are padded, lightweight, and pretty. The very best of Ariat! You won't be disappointed if you get these Ariat boots! - Christina

Ariat Heritage Paddock Boots

Likes: My pair of boots was comfortable from day one. The insides are padded thickly and the outside thick and durable. I had a horse throw a tantrum on me last week and step on my toes a couple times, the boots kept my feet safe and sound. They are just as comfortable for walking as they are for riding. - Rafaell

Dislikes: The laces are often coming untied, I would recommend going with the zipper variety if you don't wear half chaps over them. - Rafaell

Quality: The boots are made of high quality leather with rubber soles and a steel insert across the sole under the arch of the foot. - Rafaell

Summary: These are great boots for riding or groundwork. I would strongly recommend Ariat boots to anyone, they are well worth the money, and judging from the age of the loaner pair I was wearing at work, last forever! - Rafaell

Ariat Pro Performer Paddock Boots

Likes: The comfort is great and I can wear them all day without my feet, legs, and back being tired. The zip-up in the back is great if you want to get on the boots quickly. The quality of the leather and of the sole of the boot is great. It's the quality you expect from Ariat. - Laura

Dislikes: I love everything about the boot except that the button on the back that fastens the zipper often comes undone when riding. - Laura

Quality: They have the signature Ariat sole with the comfort of ATS technology. The quality is super and that's why I love Ariat. - Laura

Summary: I highly recommend these boots to anyone wanting a high quality paddock boot! - Laura

Mountain Horse Sport Paddock Boots

Likes: These boots are very comfortable. I have a narrow heel so it is hard to find a boot that my foot doesn't lift out of the back. - Paula

Dislikes: The reason I initially bought these boots was because of the zipper in the back. Although I love lace up paddock boots, I hate tying them up so it was great to lace them once and then zip my foot in and out. I have had these boots for awhile and the zipper no longer stays up. I would not buy a pair again like this regardless of the fit. - Paula

Quality: Overall, I think Mountain Horse's products are good quality. They pay a lot of attention to details and tend to have a slightly different look to their product line. I would recommend other Mountain Horse boots. - Paula

Mountain Horse Protective Paddock Boots

Likes: They are very comfy and are made out of good quality leather with a steel toed cap and steel shank. They need no 'breaking in' unlike normal leather and I could wear them all day! They also confirm to EU safety standards. - Rachel

Dislikes: They are quite chunky looking and very workmanlike and the mountain horse boots come up larger than normal so you will need a size down from what you are normally. But that's it, other than that they are brilliant! - Rachel

Quality: Both construction and quality and amazing. You can ride in them as well as them being a yard boot as they have a nice sized heel and have a grooved sole to prevent slipping. They also have a Stirrup Control System. - Rachel

Summary: They are excellent and will last for years! - Rachel

Ovation Sport Paddock Boots

Likes: These boots are very flexible and VERY easily broken in. It took me less than a week to break them in!! Also, the width of them is skinnier than others, perfect for the person with small and skinny feet. It's AMAZING how I only paid $70 for quality boots like this! - Lovisa

Dislikes: The only thing I dislike about these boots is that the sole has started ripping off a little after 2-4 months in use. - Lovisa

Quality: These paddock boots are built with very flexible leather and the width of them are skinnier than most other paddock boots. They are the lace up kind of boots. - Lovisa

Summary: These are GREAT boots for any rider who is looking for a quality, everyday paddock boot who doesn't want to spend a fortune!!! - Lovisa

Tuff Rider Synthetic Zip Paddock Boots

Likes: They gripped the stirrups well and looked like real leather. - JBJ

Dislikes: After about 10 uses, the soles flattened out making it feel like you were walking on rock. The elastic also easily seperated from the boot. - JBJ

Quality: They were constructed ok, but after awhile the elastic started seperating from the boots. The quality has a lot to desire for. - JBJ

Summary: I would suggest buying Dansko or Ariat boots instead of wasting your money on these. - JBJ

Tuff Rider Paddock Boots

Likes: Not Impressed. - HorseLover

Dislikes: This Boot Did not hold up. Within a month, the leather started cracking and the zipper Broke. I cleaned stalls with them on and rode, but did not get them really wet. I know these were not "Top Of The Line" Boots, but I expected to get longer than just a month of wear out of them. - HorseLover

Quality: Looked good when they came in, but did not hold up - HorseLover

Summary: Will not buy these again. Better to Spend a little more and get the good ones (Ariat, Grand Prix) that will last a year or two or three. - HorseLover

That will wrap up our paddock boot reviews summary. Check back as we will be featuring summaries of many horse tack categories for your convenience.

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Pictured are the Ariat Hanover Paddock Boots. An up-to-date style features a new rounder, wider toe with ATS(TM) Technology for unmatched stability and comfort. The orthotic foot bed combines sorbathane gel, a heat activate arch and heel cup, EVA cushioning and a moisture wicking sock liner. Designed with a Duratread(TM) outsole which offers Ariat's trusted durability and superior traction. Gore inserts at top collar provide an enhanced fit and more comfort.

Ariat Hanover Zip Paddock Boots