Horse Tack Review

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Bates Momentum

Horse Tack - Eventing Saddles

Bates Momentum is the result of sheer focus, and the conviction to create a saddle designed for pure performance. From the moment you sit in the saddle the power of innovation is evident.

Incorporating the latest saddle technology, this highly specialised saddle delivers a level of comfort unrivalled. Experience a seamless transition from your seat channelling your thigh as if in a groove, for immediate contact and unprecedented stability.

Accept nothing less than pure performance from your saddle. Harness the power of innovation and gain momentum


CAIR Panel System for better performance and freer movement of horse

Easy Change Gullet System allows the saddle to be fitted to suit the horse's changing shape

The seat provides a level of comfort unrivalled

Barely suede seat and knee inserts offer luxurious comfort and grip

A forward, narrow and low waist sits you into the saddle. Experience a seamless transition from your seat, channelling you high as if in a natural groove

Unique Panel Shape maximises the bearing area at the tree points and seat with a narrow waist for immediate contact

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