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A New Generation of Rhino Rugs

Horse Tack - Horse Blankets

This Winter Horseware is presenting you with a New Generation of Rhino Rugs that truly reflect our design philosophy of Simplicity, Functionality and Meaningful Innovation. This new generation is base on 3 Core Principles…

1.) Put the Protection on the Outside: Rather than using traditional techniques, Horseware have rethought how the rug is actually put together to advance the performance of the horse. The Tough polypropylene outer shell is 100% stronger than the Coated polyester used for the majority of Turnouts. This is because the waterproof coating is not directly applied to the high denier outer fabric which tends to be rough and uneven and so the fabric retains is original strength and structure – RHINO TOUGH!

2.) The Technology in the Middle: Horseware’s unique Barrier Technology™ changes the rules. Unlike the conventional approach where the waterproof coating is applied directly to the outer layer, it is instead applied to a super smooth protective barrier on the inside. This even thin layer is hyper efficient, extremely waterproof and breathable. This combination creates an ideal micro climate that can be thermalised to generate the desired temperature.

3.) The Comfort on the Inside: The thermal and absorbent layer is made from Thermobonded Fibre. When your horse rolls and attempts to flatten his rug the fibre will get squashed, but when he gets up the thermobonded fibre will regain its original structure and thickness. This is important as it is the loft of the fibre that determines how warm your horses’ rug is and not just the weight. This is because it is the air that circulates around the horse that keeps him warm and so the thinner the fibre the less air can circulate between your horse and the outer shell of his rug.

And to keep your horse looking his best the Rhino turnouts have specially been redesigned in a stylish and modern check in the chic Winter colours of Olive for the Rhino Original, Chestnut for the Rhino Wug and Marine for the Rhino Plus. With the introduction of a the unique Horseware Leg Arch™ in the front of the rug to prevent restriction behind the elbow, the NEW Rhino Turnouts will keep your Mud Wallower Warm, Dry and Clean!

For further information please contact Horseware Ireland on 00353 429389000 or by email Alternatively please visit our website