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Platinum Performance Offers New Platinum Paks

Platinum Performance

Platinum Performance is proud to introduce its newest product form, Platinum Paks. Platinum Paks are daily doses of the company’s most popular supplements packaged in easy-to-use, stay-fresh pouches. Horse owners simply tear open a pouch and administer the pre-mixed and pre-measured supplements once or twice a day – simple, easy and convenient!

There are several standard Platinum Paks intended to address common areas of concern such as hoof, joint and high-performance care. Alternatively, horse owners can create customized Platinum Paks that include other nutritional support products, such as additional electrolytes or chromium yeast, to address the specific needs of their horse.

Platinum’s Equine Wellness & Performance Formula is an important component of all Platinum Paks.

Designed to work at the cellular level to improve cell health and longevity, the Equine Wellness & Performance Formula provides a comprehensive nutrition-based foundation for all horses. Numerous scientific studies have proven that when nourished in this manner, horses become healthier and are better able to perform their intended jobs, from the inside out. Additionally, all Platinum Performance products are designed to work together in the proper balance so horses can receive the highest quality nutrition without the risk of over-supplementation.

Platinum Paks are individually sealed to prolong freshness and the potency of the supplements, as well as to protect them from the sun and rain. To help ensure that every horse receives the right supplement at the proper dose, each pouch is personalized with the horse’s name.

Platinum Paks are available in one or two month supplies, and shipped in a refillable EZ Store containers. Subsequent orders can be filled using the company’s convenient Auto-Ship service.

Horse owners are encouraged to consult their veterinarian or a trained Platinum Performance Team Member for assistance in selecting and ordering the best supplement plan for their horses. Team Members are available during regular business hours at 1-800-553-2400.

Platinum Performance was founded in 1996 to provide practicing veterinarians, horse owners and trainers with a source for high-quality nutritional formulas based on research and clinical experience.

Platinum Performance Inc is an Educational Partner with the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).

For more information you may call Mark Herthel at Platinum Performance at 805-688-1731 or Sue Brown at Brown + Associates at 952-974-0876 for assistance.