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It may be warm outside now; by old man winter is right around the corner. Tack shops are already beginning to carry more winter horse blankets and horse tack manufacturers are releasing their new lines. Horse Tack Review continues our review summary articles by presenting winter horse blanket reviews. Essentially we have taken our most recent horse turnout and blanket reviews and summarized them for you in one place. Remember, all of our reviews are written and submitted by our readersÖ

Buccas Horse Blanket

Likes: Quality Says it all! I bought this blanket in size 82 and then later got a smaller horse. I Shrunk it in the dryer to make it fit my size 78horse. With this kind of treatment it still lasted 12yrs and still going! I also love the design of the front straps with a velcro over strap to keep buckles from catching on things. - HorseLover

Dislikes: The only thing I don't like about this blanket is that the underside is white which really shows dirt. (they may have changed this feature now, you would have to look at a new model) - HorseLover

Quality: This blanket was bought 12 yrs ago, was used every winter on several different horses over the years and is still almost like new. I still use it. The only thing that has happened is that after 12yrs of machine washing it has lost some of its fill and instead of being a medium weight blanket it is a more light weight. It has no tears, and I have never replaced any buckles or straps. 12yrs is darn good for a blanket to last! - HorseLover

Summary: I have bought several other name brand blankets and one lesser Known brand (this one ended up in pieces all over the field) and none have lasted as long as this one. My next one will definitely be a Buccas. - HorseLover

Horsewear Rambo Wug

Likes: I really like the fit of this rug as not only does it gives unrivalled protection with its unique nigh cut neck, but this rug is guaranteed to NEVER MOVE (I can vouch for that having a very hyperactive horse when in the field) The 'V' front closure system is also an ingenious invention as it gives a great fit around the neck which prevents rubbing and lifts pressure off the horses shoulders while also being dead easy to use! - S.Hanley

Dislikes: I can honestly say that there is nothing that I donít like about this rug, in fact iv just purchased a second rug! - S.Hanley

Quality: The quality of this rug is second to none with rip stop material (which really does work) and sturdy construction mine has never ripped despite being caught on a barber wire fence on one occasion!! All the buckles are still working perfectly, (they haven't even rusted and this rug is now in its 4th winter season) - S.Hanley

Summary: I would advise anybody to pay the little extra for this rug rather than saving a few dollars and buying a cheaper alternative as I would call it an investment rather than a purchase. It will last as long as your horse fits it and thatís a given! - S.Hanley

Horseware Ireland Rambo Wug Plus Heavy

Likes: My horse thinks he is a hippo and loves wallowing in mud! These rugs are fantastic as they cover them from head to toe. The heavyweight version is Ideal for the winter as my horse lives in it all the time, (unless it's been really wet and I've had to take it off to ride). But other than that it's great because it's saved me time in changing rugs, (they dry better on than off) it's saved me money in the long run in not buying stable rugs and I only have one Winter rug to get cleaned. The silky lining of the rugs mean that they don't rub the shoulder's and no matter how violent he seems to roll the rug doesn't really slip! - Lucy

Dislikes: The only fault I found with this rug is that the zip did break, but Iím not sure if my horse's teeth didnít help with that..... But, on the bright side, I know a very good cleaning service and they have replaced the zip for a tough one and the rug is as good as new!! - Lucy

Quality: Rambo rugs are renowned for they're quality and durability. They last for years and years.... - Lucy

Summary: Every horse should have a Rambo rug!!! - Lucy

Hug Ballot Winter Turnout Blanket (custom)

Likes: Durable!!! My horse destroys his clothes (he had a Bucas before with many repairs to it) It fit perfect. My horse has high withers but is also broad chested so most blankets rubbed his withers, shoulders or both. The front panel design eliminates these problems. - Excel Equine

Dislikes: it only comes in black with the choice of trim color. The belly bands stitching came undone with in a few weeks but I re-stitched it and it has held ever since. - Excel Equine

Quality: Its made of 1680 denier with a nylon lining. Very well shaped to fit the horse. It has a back seem and so if it gets really wet the horse does too but very little. - Excel Equine

Summary: I best fitting most durable blanket I have ever used. My horse loves it too!! - Excel Equine

Pessoa Heavyweight Winter Turnout Blanket

Likes: I have a large warmblood and what I liked best was that it actually fits my horse. Most companies fit fine from chest to tail but do not have sufficient room in the shoulder area and more importantly a lot of blankets stop 3/4 the way down horse's barrel/side. I also like the fact that it is 1500 denier I believe and it comes with a 2 year guarantee. - C

Dislikes: One negative thing Iíve noticed is around the neck it curls out from time to time when the horse is rolling and there is one small tear on the inside but it's really not a big deal. No blanket is going to be perfect. - C

Quality: It is a really tough blanket with hidden elastic in both chest buckles and belly straps and it comes with elastic leg straps. The tail flap is also removable if desired. It went an entire winter with not a single tear, just minor scuff marks here and there. - C

Summary: If you have a warmblood or large horse I would definitely recommend Pessoa blankets. The denier has actually increased in their newer line along with other updates. Ė C

Rambo Wug Turnout

Likes: I like my wug because it is breathable so I don't have to change it at night when my horse comes in. It is also good because it offers a degree of protect to my horses neck without a full hood which she doesnít like because she is sensitive around her ears. It is also good because when it is done up at the front it forms a 'V' which reduces the restriction to the neck when the horse is grazing. - Rambo Fan

Dislikes: The Wug causes a thin patch of main to develop just past the withers which takes all summer to grow back. it would also be better if the tail flap was bigger so that it could offer more protection to the horses hind quarters. - Rambo Fan

Quality: The Wug is really well made, despite my horse charging through fences regularly to see the lads it has never ripped unlike all of the other rugs that I own. The Wug dries very quickly when left on the horse and dry mud is easily brushed of to make it look like new. The Wug also came with a 3 year guarantee which was a comforting thought when spending my money. - Rambo Fan

Summary: I have been really pleased with my Wug and on reflection think that it was money well spent because it is so tough unlike many other rugs on the market it has saved me the cost of replacing it so it may have worked out the cheaper option for me. - Rambo Fan

Rhinegold Full Neck Stable Rug

Likes: Its lovely and cozy. I think the neck only needs to be used on really quite cold days, even my TB felt a little hot under it sometimes. It was perfectly good to just fold the neck back. It fitted very well and never slipped. It seemed very comfy and the front chest gussets worked well and it hasnít rubbed (although I donít use it all the time). The tail guard also kept out draughts. The fastenings were easy to do up and I especially like the fact that it also came with hind leg straps which many stable rugs donít seem to have. The front chest fastenings weren't buckles, but surcingle type ones so were very quick to do up. - Holly

Dislikes: It's bulky to handle, but then I guess they all are when they're combo's, its a lot of rug! Its not that deep, so looks a bit short for my chunky cob although is fine for my TB types. The front chest fastening (which was a surcingle type fastening) meant that you couldnít tailor it to fit (like a buckle) so it was a little tight for my cob, but was acceptable. It was perfect for my TB. I would have preferred the inside to have been that satin type material (which buffs the coat into a shine!) but then thatís purely my preference! - Holly

Quality: The outer of the rug seems to repel dirt quite well and is strong. The stitching and fastenings were all very good. - Holly

Summary: For a very cheap full neck rug, this is a great buy. Definitely worth the money (even at RRP). If you want a well fitting, tough, cozy rug then this is the one for you! Ė Holly

Rider's International Warmblood Turnout Blanket

Likes: This turnout blanket is extremely affordable, and it came in hard-to-find warmblood sizes (it's cut with extra room in the shoulders to fit larger breeds). It's very hard to find that particular combination! In addition to that, it's waterproof -- although breathable -- and has a 420 denier shell. The tail flap is detachable, as are the elastic leg straps (a very nice safety feature!). - Kaity

Dislikes: While the blanket does indeed keep my mare dry, the outer shell isn't as water-repellent as I'd like to see. The inner layer keeps my horse warm, but the outer layer simply becomes water-logged and heavy. It also isn't the warmest blanket I've ever seen. - Kaity

Quality: The quality is good for the price, but the outer shell rips easily. It's not as thick and durable as other blankets I've seen, and there are several tears in it. The color choices, though, are nice... - Kaity

Summary: This is a very reasonable way to get a decent warm, safe blanket for large-sized horses. In all honesty, however, I got what I paid for. It does the job -- and does the job decently, at that -- but it simply isn't a high-quality turnout blanket. Ė Kaity

SAXON Medium Weight Turnout Rug

Likes: This has been the only thing I have bought for my TB mare that she has yet to destroy. My horse is rough on her clothing and has destroyed another blanket before I bought this one. She also, like a little kid, likes to play in the mud even if it's freezing outside. When she does, I just brush the blanket off with a stiff brush and it's ready for the next day. The Shoulder gussets on the front help to prevent rubs on the point of the shoulder and also allow the horse the freedom to gallop around to warm-up on really cold days. I also loved the price I paid for it. Being a college student on a college budget, this was a perfect blanket for me. - Dawn

Dislikes: That you can't just throw it in the laundry to get really clean, but you have to so to the blanket cleaners with the rest of the blankets. Also it takes the rug about a day to dry after a rainy day. - Dawn

Quality: This is the quality that I expect from the makers of Weetherbeta. The material is easy to keep clean on a daily basis and the material does not allow water to soak through the rug. - Dawn

Summary: Like I said earlier, this is the only thing my mare hasn't destroyed in her process of play. - Dawn

Schneiderís StormShield Turnout Blanket - Versatility Fit

Likes: The outer layer is made of 1200D woven polyester, and has stood up well in the pasture environment, taking on the playful antics of my horse's pasture pals. The inner layer is a rip stop nylon, that is easily kept clean. The blanket is a midweight with 220 grams of insulation, which when the weather got really cold (-20+) was plenty when another light underlayer was added. I love that is waterproof and breathable. Even with a back seam, this blanket has kept my guy dry all winter. This blanket is easy to care for and keep clean. I love the 'V-fit' at the withers, which provides a pressure free fit and nearly eliminates wear on the mane. Schneiderís has an 'adjustafit system' on their sheets and blankets, which allows you to fit the neck opening to the horse, another plus. This blanket has shoulder gussets, which I like. These blankets also come already fit with rubber rings on the hooks to keep them from coming undone. - DunOvero

Dislikes: The only negatives I have noted are: 1) that these blankets could be cut a little deeper for bigger horses. Although there is plenty of room in the body, it would be nice if there was a little more length to the skirt. However, I venture to say that folks with smaller, more compact horses would likely see that as a fault. 2) no color choice when selecting a closed front. This didn't matter to me, but it may to some people. - DunOvero

Quality: I am very impressed with the quality of the materials and workmanship, which are excellent. This blanket has held up well with normal care. This blanket has proven to be very durable. - DunOvero

Summary: This blanket has proven to be a very good purchase. The purchase price is very fair at about $100. I believe this blanket will last a long time, based on how it has performed and held up over the harsh winter we have had. I highly recommend both the blanket and the vendor! Ė DunOvero

State Line Tack 1200D Extra Waterproof/Breathable Turnout

Likes: I looooooove this blanket. I live in the SNOW BELT of my state, and the winters get very cold and icy. I wanted to make sure that I got a quality blanket for my baby (TB off the track). This blanket was a perfect match. It's very thick - keeps the wind out and rain as well. It's lasted 2 winters so far and into the 3rd, not a rip, not even a snag. It's got a nice high neck for extra protection, and has the 'pleats' in the front. - Mary

Dislikes: My horse is turned out a lot, rolls a lot in the mud, therefore, I did have to replace the belly t-locks. - Mary

Quality: Great, it's coated with teflon to help prevent the rips. The straps are not restrictive so no chafing, very roomy for them to stretch their legs while in the pasture. - Mary

Summary: I wish they made a people's version. Ė Mary

Upland Turnout

Likes: I liked that it has fleece trip on the withers because my horse is a bit thin skinned on the back. He usually rubs blankets and this didn't rub him like others had in the past. It is a nice lighter weight turnout for cooler weather, but I wouldn't recommend it for the very cold weather we've had this year. - NY Rider

Dislikes: My horse, yes, he has a habit of rubbing, but not any more than others do. I've had to have this turnout stitched in 3 places so far. All were on the sides so maybe he rolled in some branches that were on the ground in the pasture. That's the only thing I can think of. Anyway, it didn't hold up as well as I felt it should. - NY Rider

Quality: Polyester, cotton lining. The stitching seems pretty heavy and none of it has frayed or ripped. Leg straps. - NY Rider

Summary: I would probably think twice about getting this turnout again, not bad for the price, but I'd suggest investing in a better one for the long run. - NY Rider

Weatherbeeta Arion Combo

Likes: It a brilliant rug. Iíve used it a lot over the last year and a half and Iíve had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. Itís very very waterproof and never leaked - even through the worst winter weather (day of torrential rain, blizzards etc.!). It fits very well, doesnít slip so always looks comfortable. The clips and straps are well made and easy to fasten. The clips at the front of the rug also mean its quick and easy to fasten even with cold fingers! It kept my horse nice and warm at all times. I even began using it as a stable rug for a while as it was so good! The outer is very tough and there are still no rips or particular signs of wear at all. - Holly

Dislikes: Uhhhh..... nothing! It's fitted well, kept my horse warm and it was totally waterproof and very tough. What more do you need from a turnout rug?! The only improvement I could see would be if the tail flap was bigger, but the new Freestyle versions have this! The only other thing is that although the neck part didnít rub the mane, it did make it scruffy and brought the dirt to the surface! But not sure what you could do about that! - Holly

Quality: Very well made with a great deal of thought put into it. Fabulous quality. - Holly

Summary: Quite expensive but definitely worth it as will last years and does its job better than any other rug Iíve bought. I will always buy these rugs in the future! Ė Holly

Weatherbeeta Jasper Standard Medium Stable Blanket

Likes: This stable blanket is wonderful!!! The nylon shell sheds snow like a dog sheds fleas. Sizewise, I couldn't have asked for a better fit. It was like it had been taylor-made for my horse. I had been very leery of leaving a blanket on a horse 24/7, because I had visions of it slipping sideways, or the horse's legs somehow becoming tangled in all those straps. I needn't have worried. The straps are placed perfectly. They are fully adjustable and fasten securely. I could tell a lot of thought had gone into the design and construction of this blanket, to make it both durable and safe. - Rosanne

Dislikes: If I could change one thing, I would make the buckles easier to operate with frozen fingers. Otherwise, I believe: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. - Rosanne

Quality: (see above) - Rosanne

Summary: This Yankee just loves her horse's new 'winter coat'. And, most importantly, so does he. The weather outside may be frightful. But, thanks to Weatherbeeta, my Southerner is staying toasty warm. - Rosanne

Weatherbeeta Freestyle Landa - Medium Weight

Likes: This blanket is excellent. It is light enough that horses can wear it by itself outside, or you can put another blanket underneath it if it gets cold out. It leaves lots of room for the shoulders and does not pull on them at all. The new style of tail flap also keeps wind from going up the back of the horse. It's very waterproof and keeps your horse warm and dry in all kinds of weather. It also has special keepers on the belly straps to keep them from falling off. - Michelle

Dislikes: I do not have any complaints about this blanket, it has stood up to lots of different things and not even a single rip. - Michelle

Quality: It has a new front design with the shoulder gusset further forward and pockets above it for more room. The belly bands have keepers on them so they cannot fall off, and the tail flap reaches three quarters of the way down to the hocks, which keeps wind from blowing up. The outside is waterproof and the inside has a silk liner which is very helpful when it is put on top of another blanket. - Michelle

Summary: Overall I believe that this blanket is an excellent buy and well worth the money. If you have a horse with wide shoulders be sure to get the new freestyle as it is the first properly fitting blanket I have found for this mare (after 6 years of looking!). Ė Michelle

Weatherbeeta Taka Contour Freestyle Blanket

Likes: My horse has twice this year came in with torn blankets. I have never had a blanket that fits so well hold up so well and I wish I had gotten it sooner. - Karen

Dislikes: I like everything about this blanket and plan on getting the Taka Contour sheet also. - Karen

Quality: The blanket has a 1680D ballistic nylon Outer Shell. It is waterproof and breathable. The front has a clip and D-ring closure which makes it very easy to close. The lining is moisture wicking. The blanket also has an freestyle gusset, new style tail flap and elastic leg straps. Durability seems to be the best thing I can say for this blanket after going through two this year so far. - Karen

Summary: This is a great blanket. - Karen

Weatherbeeta Orican Medium Weight Waterproof Blanket

Likes: I was looking for a great cost, great blanket that my horses couldn't ruin. Found it and am extremely happy. I got the Weatherbeeta Orican Medium Weight Waterproof Blanket and LOVE IT in every way. You can't go wrong with it. Have tried many others and this is by far the best - Ginger

Dislikes: I have NO dislikes regarding the blanket. - Ginger

Quality: It is quality all the way. Really is waterproof. Love the material. - Ginger

Summary: Love everything about it. Ė Ginger

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Pictured above is the Rambo Wug from Horseware Ireland.