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Now you can keep your horse’s coat in show condition and prevent fading! Protect your horse’s coat with Vetrolin® Conditioner, the newest addition to the Vetrolin® line from Farnam Companies, Inc.

Vetrolin Conditioner contains Solar Guard® Color-Keeper, an exclusive ingredient that protects the mane, tail and coat from harmful UV rays and fading for up to eight days. It restores strength, elasticity and increases manageability, leaving the mane and tail easy to comb. This intense moisturizer improves the body and feel, while emitting the unique Vetrolin herbal scent.

Vetrolin Conditioner joins Vetrolin Liniment, Bath, Shine, Detangler and Green Spot Out as the official grooming and conditioning products of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and official horse care products of Horse Shows in The Sun (HITS). Vetrolin Liniment is also the official liniment of the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA).

“Whether you show your horse or just ride for pleasure, good grooming is a vital part of horse ownership,” said Alyssa Barngrover, product manager for Farnam’s equine grooming products. “Vetrolin products make this daily grooming routine enjoyable for both you and your horse. Experience the unique Vetrolin herbal scent for yourself while giving your horse that show ring look.”

Remove dirt and dandruff with the rich, thick lather of Vetrolin® Bath and leave your horse’s coat lustrous and manageable. Vetrolin Bath is a concentrated premium shampoo containing four surfactants for better cleaning and lathering action, three conditioners and lanolin derivatives, and humectants to naturally hold moisture after drying to impart suppleness and elasticity with sheen and luster. Vetrolin Bath is available in 32- and 64-ounces.

Make your horse’s coat glisten with Vetrolin® Shine. Vitamin-rich conditioners and PABA sunscreen leave a brilliant luster, a coat that’s easy to manage and makes manes and tails more manageable too. Vetrolin Shine helps repel dust, and protects skin and coat from wind, weather and sun. It is available in a 32-ounce bottle with sprayer and 64-ounces.

Sooth your horse with Vetrolin® Liniment, an invigorating aromatic liniment with a hint of green soap and five essential oils. Helps relieve minor stiffness, soreness and inflammation, and stimulates blood flow to sore ankles, knees, hocks and tendons. Vetrolin Liniment is also an ideal body wash to pamper your horse. Vetrolin Liniment is available in either 32-ounces or one-gallon.

Remove urine and manure spots with just a spray of Vetrolin® Green Spot Out. It also helps remove wet and dry sweat stains. Brush it out to create a high-gloss shine with no rinsing required. This product contains tea tree oil and is available in a 16-ounce spray bottle.

Quickly remove mane and tail tangles with the specially formulated silicones in Vetrolin® Detangler. It increases manageability without damaging or drying hair shafts, and adds volume as it smoothes and shines hair. Vetrolin Detangler is available in an easy to use 12-ounce bottle.

“With the addition of Vetrolin Conditioner, we provide horse owners with a complete grooming and conditioning line,” Barngrover said. “Now the Vetrolin line meets all your horse’s everyday grooming needs, as well as pre-show essentials and post workout clean up. Vetrolin Conditioner is great for dogs too.”

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