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WoofWear Ultra Boot

Horse Tack - New Products

The Ultra boot is Woof Wear's ultimate protective boot suitable for all equestrian activities from the day-to-day to top end show-jumping or cross-country competition. The unique contoured shape gives superb fit and protection to vulnerable areas whilst allowing the horse total flexibility and movement.

The versatile Ultra boot offers ultimate protection for your horse:

· 5.5 mm breathable neoprene core with nylon jersey lining for comfort

· Extremely durable KEVLARŪ outer fabric to resist abrasion

· Durable PVC striking pad with extra protective padding to guard brushing and tendon areas

· Internal PU batons for extra protection

· Ergonomic design to ensure good fit to leg

· Amara binding around outside edge for comfort and durability

· Recessed stitching for longer life

· Light and flexible even when wet - does not retain water

· Wide, high density double touch and close straps with over-strap for secure fit Reflective badge for visibility in all conditions

The front and back Ultra boots are contoured differently to give protection where it is needed most on the horse's legs.

· Front boot - vinyl strike pad is contoured down behind knee and up over fetlock joint to allow maximum flex of leg when jumping. Internal PU batons run down back of boot to protect tendon area.

· Back boot - internal PU batons run down front of boot to protect the cannon bone and vinyl strike pad is contoured up over fetlock joint to allow complete movement when jumping.