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The Easyboot Bare is now available in limited quantities

Horse Tack - Horse Boots

The Easyboot Bare is now available to consumers. For a limited time, consumers will be given the opportunity to purchase the Easyboot Bare for $45.00 per boot. The boots are expected to be released to all other markets in January of 2006 and will be priced at $65.00 per boot.

This limited introduction of the Easyboot Bare will allow EasyCare to make any final design refinements based on the consumer feedback. The boot will be launched to the EasyCare dealer network in January 2006, after all feedback and refinements are made. We believe this introduction will allow horse consumers the opportunity to purchase a new cutting edge hoof boot at a fraction of the 2006 retail price. The introduction will also allow a final consumer testing before providing our dealer network the most advanced hoof boot ever by January 2006.

The Easyboot Bare (The Bare) has been under development since early 2005. Although the Easyboot Bare is little harder to apply than the standard Easyboot Epic, the new Bare provides a simple, close fitting boot that constantly adjusts to the hoof. The boot upper and sole is designed to stretch and flex, mimicking the movements of the natural barefoot hoof.

The Bare has already been tested at some of the toughest endurance events in the world. The early test results prove that The Bare really works. The Bare has successfully completed several 100 mile and 250 mile endurance events in extreme conditions on barefoot horses. Not only did The Bare boots stay in place, they didnít rub and they didnít turn or twist. The results are even more impressive, considering many of the test miles were completed in deep, boot-sucking mud.

We believe the Easyboot Bare is the best hoof boot ever made for the following reasons.

1. Simple, form-fitting design with few moving parts.

2. The boot stretches and flexes to mimic the natural barefoot.

3. After the bungee is adjusted, daily adjustments and tinkering are not necessary.

4. All parts are replaceable by the consumer.

5. The sole is patterned after the barefoot horse. The sole flexes and gives very much like the bare hoof.