Horse Tack Review

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Circle Y Saddles

Horse Tack Review

As we continue our horse tack summaries, we are moving on to some areas of western tack. This summary features Circle Y Saddles. Though we have not received many reviews to date on Circle Y Saddles, those we have received have been positive.

Circle Y has been manufacturing western saddles for many disciplines including reining, trail riding, team penning, cutting, roping and barrel racing. They also carry show saddles, ranch and work saddles too. They started their company in Yoakum, Texas in 1960 and are still there today!

Over the years Circle Y has developed their patented Flex-Lite™ tree design, the result of their desire to obtain the best saddle fit for a broad selection of horses. This has been incorporated into many of the different types of saddles. They have also developed their Softee™ seat jockey and fender leather providing a “ready to ride” feel which minimizes the rider’s knee and ankle strain.

Here is what some of our readers have said about Circle Y Saddles:

Circle Y Martha Josey Ultimate Barrel Saddle

Likes: My favorite is the forward stirrup so that makes it easier to get my legs in front for barrel turns. This also helps me to stay deep in my seat as well. The horn is slanted forward a bit which makes gripping easier. And it's gorgeous too - Martha Josey did well in designing the rigging. - JJ

Dislikes: Nothing, I love it! - JJ

Quality: A+ here too. It's got Circle Y’s hi-tech tree, the horn is rawhide, padded seat. - JJ

Summary: I wish I could say something bad about this saddle so that I don't sound like an advertisement, but I truly can't. This is my favorite saddle ever. When it comes time for a new one, hopefully not for a long time, I'll buy another. - JJ

Circle Y Economy Barrel Saddle

Likes: This is a great saddle! Even though it's labeled as a barrel saddle, we use it for showing 4H and trail riding. The rough out seat and fenders give the rider great grip. I had trouble finding a Western saddle to fit my narrow, high-withered mare and this saddle fits her very well. It's an attractive looking saddle too with nice tooling on the skirt. weighs about 25 lbs. It's an excellent value for the price. - Ruth

Dislikes: The rough out leather does pick up the color of your chaps, (especially if you prefer black!) - Ruth

Quality: It's very well made for a lesser priced Circle Y. Has the same amenities as more expensive saddles, latigo holder, cinch holder, very nice leather tooling. Nice deep, comfortable seat and a narrower twist. Plus it's the only saddle we found that the fenders accommodate my daughter's long legs and my shorter ones. After over 7 months of near daily use, we're very happy with this saddle. - Ruth

Summary: This is an excellent saddle for the money and for the brand. If my daughter takes this saddle with her to college, I would not hesitate to purchase another for myself. - Ruth

Circle Y Roper

Likes: The Circle Y Roper is a nice saddle. The horn is more built up, and it has a nice deep seat. A nice change from my old flat reining saddle. It's a nice sit. The tooling is nice and simple around the border, I don't like a saddle to look to busy. - Sammie

Dislikes: It's a bit heavy. I'm not sure how old it is, the seller said 'a few years.' I hope that he was telling a lie because if it's only a few years old, it doesn't wear well. I assume it's a lot older because Circle Y are usually good saddles. - Sammie

Quality: So let's assume the seller lied to me and it's 10 years old, lol. The leather is still in great shape, the suede is wearing off though. I only had to replace the back straps. - Sammie

Summary: I think I got a pretty good deal on such a nice saddle. My horse seems to enjoy it and I do too. I wasn't looking for a roping saddle but decided to buy it anyway. I've always wanted to rope and now I have an excuse to try it. – Sammie

Circle Y Flex Lite Trail Saddle

Likes: It weighs around 26 pounds! I can lift it without bowling over! The leather is nice. It fit like a broke-in saddle right from the get-go. I have put the saddle strings and 3-way rigging to good use through trail riding and competing in local rodeo. All the d-rings and saddle strings are functional features. It's a pretty color too - matches other pieces of tack I already had. - Tricia

Dislikes: I don't like that it didn't come with flank straps and rear cinch. That was disappointing. - Tricia

Quality: Constructed nicely. Leather is beautiful and isn't over-tooled. - Tricia

Summary: I have been real pleased with this saddle. It fits my stocky quarter horse well, it's comfortable, nice looking and durable. I would make the same choice over again! - Tricia

Circle Y Flex Lite Softee Trail Saddle

Likes: It fit my mare well. There isn't many wide trees out there on models that fit short backs. It is light enough for me to throw up on the tall horses. I love the Softee Leather. There is no break in time on this saddle. The first time I rode in this saddle it was like I had been riding in it daily for the last 10 years. The leather is so soft and flexible it did not bother my knees at all. The three way rigging is good for fitting to different horses. The crupper D ring in the back is a nice feature for trail riding. When I bought it I was a little worried about the idea of a Flex tree but after riding a year in this saddle I can feel the difference when I go back to a solid tree. I have a great feel for the horse with the flex tree. - Stormie

Dislikes: I would have like more options as far as tooling and color choice. - Stormie

Quality: The workmanship is good and solid. The leather is good quality and not stiff at all. The little bit of silver on this model is good and is just enough to add a touch of class but not so much it looks out of place. - Stormie

Summary: For the price there isn't another saddle that can beat this one. There are cheaper flex tree saddles out there but not of this quality. - Stormie

Pictured above is the Circle Y Softee Show Saddle Package