Horse Tack Review

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No Sweat Sport’s Hat & Helmet Refresher

Horse Tack - New from English Riding Supply

A new product for equestrians has hit the market! Finally there is a product to keep your sport hat and helmets clean and fresh. Introducing NO SWEAT SPORT’S HAT & HELMET REFRESHER. Formulated naturally to clean and sanitize your helmet of all dirt, bacteria and grime, yet safe enough to use on your face as an astringent and re-moisturizer. In fact, it is even good for your skin and will aid in preventing outbreaks from contact with your helmet.

SPORT HAT & HELMET REFRESHER has been tested and is completely safe for cleaning helmets. It is made up of a complex mixture of natural minerals, botanicals and organics. It is hypo-allergenic and doctor tested safe for your skin and eyes. There are no dyes, alcohol or fragrances to cause irritation or material deterioration. No Sweat Sport's formula attacks the bacteria and oils responsible for producing odor. Some of the product testers even claim that it helps keep "helmet hair" at bay. Cosmetic quality, yet no animal testing was ever performed.

SPORT HAT & HELMET REFRESHER is simple and easy to use. Even old "stinky" helmets can be refreshed. The spray comes in a 4 oz. PET plastic pump bottle. Just spray on the interior of your helmet before and after each use. For older helmets, saturate liner completely and allow to air dry for a few days. Odor is caused by bacteria, and sweat leads to bacteria; therefore, continued perspiration will cause odor to return. Daily use of Hat & Helmet Refresher will keep the odor and bacteria at bay and off your skin.

SPORT’s HAT & HELMET REFRESHER was developed initially for Equestrian Helmets but will soon be marketed as an anti-bacterial/cleaner for all sports equipment.

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