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Pro Braiding Secrets Revealed On New Lucky Braids DVD

Ruthann Smith

You work hours before each show to braid your horse’s mane so he looks his best—but no matter how much heart you braid into each strand, it results in crooked, uneven braids and cramped hands. Are you tired of this braiding torture? Imagine if the process could be relaxing and always look perfect in just 35 minutes. Expert braider and turnout clinician Ruthann Smith developed her system while braiding 12,000+ horses. Now, she shares her secrets in The Better Braiding Guide For Pulled Manes, available on DVD. With 80 minutes of instruction and the accompanying Essential Braiding Tools, you’ll learn proper turnout and be equipped to braid most effectively.

"Braiding well creates an optical illusion,” Ruthann explains. “It optimizes a horse’s conformation by creating a new line on the neck. Sturdy, comfortable braids maintain that perfect line to catch the judge’s eye. This clean line elongates the neck and earns credibility with the judges."

Ruthann’s DVD is the only resource available to teach an effective braiding formula—a formula renowned for consistently producing lovely braids quickly and comfortably. Ruthann walks you through each step of the braiding process and simplifies the once-daunting task. She anticipates your questions and needs—teaching everything from basic finger form to tricks for finesse. With Ruthann’s masterful teaching, you’ll learn new skills and refine your technique—whether you’re a beginner or savvy professional braider.

In each DVD section, you’ll see Ruthann perform a technique, teach each step then review key points. Since each stage is counterbalanced for sturdy comfortable braids, Ruthann recommends watching the entire video then using the menu to focus on your own needs. The menu includes: The Importance Of Braiding; Prepping Your Tools & Mane; Braiding Down; Adding Yarn; Pulling Up; Tying Up; Forelocks; Unbraiding; Handling (i.e. teaching the horse to stand still) & Safety; Getting Good; and Ruthann's Formula Review. With the unprecedented close-up videography, you’ll see Ruthann’s precise movements with tremendous detail. Understanding the intricacies will help you replicate each step.

Once you’re ready to practice, use your Essential Braiding Tools (bundled with the DVD and sold separately) to braid and unbraid efficiently. This system—with tools hanging at your wrists on an adjustable strap—is used by top pros so tools are handy and don’t drop.

Plus, when your horse pulls back, this system won’t leave the hook flapping in his forelock. So, you can stay safe and send your horse to the ring with a level head. With all gear easily accessible, Ruthann braids fast and rhythmically even braids. The cost for the whole system is less than two professional braiding sessions. So, you, too, will be set to make braids like Ruthann’s. With great instruction and the right tools, your gorgeous braids can dazzle the judges.

The Better Braiding DVD and Tool
Run time: 80 minutes
Produced and Directed by Ruthann Smith & Tristan Miller
Edge City Productions
Wholesale inquiries welcome.
Media review copies available for select equine press.
Contact: (781) 665-5988,