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Andis Introduces Horse Grooming DVD

Horse Tack - Horse Grooming

Andis has introduced a new DVD with easy to follow instructions for grooming horses. The DVD features Dana Boyd-Miller, the premier horse groomer in the United States, who gives step-by-step instructions on proper grooming techniques. Andis’ AGC Super 2-Speed™ Clipper now includes the instructional DVD. The clipper is a professional two-speed clipper with a high speed of over 4,000 strokes per minute and sports an extra wide detachable T-84 Blade to maximize the area clipped with every stroke.

“The new DVD provides simple, step-by-step instructions on how to groom a horse,” says Fred Koeller, Vice President of Marketing at Andis. “Even the most experienced horse groomer will find some useful tips in it. We’re including the DVD with one of our best selling clippers, the AGC2 Super 2-Speed™ Clipper.”

The AGC2 Super 2-Speed™ Clipper has several features that help make grooming safer and easier. The drive cap on the AGC2 Super 2-Speed™ Clipper is removable, so the blade can be cleaned easily, and the blade hinge locks in place to keep the blade secure during use. A locking switch button ensures that the clipper will not shut off accidentally while it’s being used. A 4-oz. container of blade oil is included.

The clipper’s housing is break resistant to protect the internal parts, and it is manufactured to withstand the effects of harsh chemicals. The new shape of the clipper is ergonomically designed to lessen hand fatigue, and because of its smaller diameter, it’s easier to hold. The motor is sealed to minimize noise and help it stay cool. Everything tucks away in a protective hard case.

Andis Company has been manufacturing handheld equipment to trim, cut, curl and dry hair since 1922. The company’s products are purchased worldwide by barber and beauty shops, consumers, hotels, motels, resorts, small animal groomers and large animal groomers and shearers. To find a local distributor, call the company at 800-558-9441 or visit their Web site at