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Heritage Now the Official Riding Gloves of the USEF

United States Equestrian Federation

Big success in equestrian sport often boils down to attention to smaller details. Such is the case with Heritage, one of the nation’s top performance glove manufacturers. The USEF’s newest sponsor, Heritage has signed on as the “Official Riding Gloves of the USEF,” bringing more than 25 years of expertise to the table in an effort to benefit our athletes, our members and the sport in general.

“Heritage offers true innovation in riding gloves,” said Bob Bitzer, President of Heritage. “We implement the best designs with the highest quality materials available. Our patented patterns give the rider more control while reducing irritation and that can make a real difference while riding.”

Heritage offers a full line of equestrian riding gloves built for all equestrians, from the professional rider to the pleasure rider. The team at Heritage puts passion and experience into this comprehensive line of riding gloves—a line that surpasses all others with innovation, design, style, quality and comfort.

“Heritage is proud to be a sponsor of the USEF,” Bitzer continued. “The USEF sets the standard for the equestrian industry in the United States and as a manufacturer of some of the best gloves the world has to offer, I knew that Heritage Gloves had to be a part of that. It only makes sense that the world’s best gloves be offered to the world’s best equestrians.”

USEF members can find out more about Heritage Gloves online at