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EquiFit, Inc. offers a complete line of products for riders who are serious about performance, including: the revolutionary T-Boot Series™ horse boots, T-Form saddle pads, and the industry’s only riding posture correction garment, ShouldersBack.

After multiple requests from riders, EquiFit, Inc. decided to expand their T-Boot Series™ line to include two new T-Boots. The idea of a new high-quality leather boot was brainstormed at the Indio Desert Circuit in early 2005, and the product was ready by August.

The T-Boot LUXE™ is made of top quality, water resistant, brown French leather. It is neoprene free and combines a sophisticated look with the technologically advanced T-Foam lining.

“The T-Boot LUXE™ uses our exceptional lining, but still keeps the aesthetic of a leather boot,” EquiFit, Inc. President Alexandra Cherubini explained. “We wanted to provide leather boots that worked on both levels- supportive and beautiful.”

The LUXE™ is manufactured by CWD Sellier, who provides the ultimate leather products in equine sports performance. They concentrate on producing the best equipment and join the aesthetic of the best French classicism with modern innovation. Cherubini approached several European leather companies, and she found that CWD Sellier was “easy to work with, fast, and very accommodating.”

“We sent them our foam samples, decided on what kind of closure we wanted on the boot, and collaborated on the style,” she said. “It was great working with them.”

The T-Boot EXP™ has leather-like styling and an extremely durable shell with a reinforced back for protection. “They are a little fancier looking than the original T-Boot,” Cherubini said with a smile.

The most exciting feature is removable, washable T-Foam liners that are replaceable. “The EXP™ is really handy for the inclement weather conditions,” Cherubini noted. “You just pull out the lining, throw them in the washing machine, and put new, clean liners in for the next class.”

EquiFit Inc.’s product line includes five other models of T-Boots. The boots are all easy-on, durable, and are offered with either lint-resistant Velcro closures (T-1, T-4, and T-6) or attractive leather closures (T-2, T-5).

Designed by an orthopedic company, the T-Boot Series™ is filled with T-Foam, a revolutionary pressure-relieving viscoelastic material that conforms to the horse’s body, providing maximum support and pressure-point dispersal and eliminating chafing and abrasion. Under body pressure and heat, T-Foam conforms and molds to all contours and bone structures of the horse’s legs and absorbs up to 90 percent of all impact. Because the fit is exact, support and stability are maximized, dirt and debris build-up is minimized, and pressure points are eliminated. When the T-Boots are removed, T-Foam recovers 100 percent of its original shape, ready to provide a perfect custom fit for every horse, every time.

EquiFit, Inc. is dedicated to helping riders improve and become more competitive. They are proud to work with 2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist McLain Ward, Olympic grand prix riders Margie Engle and Alison Firestone, as well as grand prix riders Michael Morrissey, Joie Gatlin, Callan Solem, Aaron Vale, Christine Tribble, and Jimmy Torano, Olympic Three-Day event rider Darren Chiacchia, and Australian Three-Day event rider Christine Bates.

EquiFit, Inc. is rapidly gaining a following among the top grand prix riders in America. Many of them have started using the T-Boot Series™, and their best horses wear them in competition.

Olympic gold medalist McLain Ward has been using EquiFit products for the past year and stated that they are a wonderful product, “They are the finest boots out there. I wouldn’t use anything else.”

Joie Gatlin of San Juan Capistrano, CA commented, “They are simple, well-made products. The state of the art foam is really exciting, and it really absorbs concussion from the horse’s legs. It is good for jump-offs and tight turns.”

Margie Engle has won more grand prix events than any other rider in American history. She is one of the busiest grand prix riders on the circuit, with a barn full of show horses. She uses the T-Boots on her mounts and remarked, "All of my horses wear them. The grooms love them, and the horses seem to like them.”

Since she is on a full schedule of shows around the world, Engle must make sure that her horses stay sound and healthy. “They keep their legs nice and tight,” she stated. “I think they're a super boot."

Second on the list for lifetime grand prix wins is Aaron Vale of Aiken, South Carolina. “They’re well made and give nice support,” he explained. “They’re very stylish looking as well!”

Although Equifit, Inc. sponsors grand prix riders, their boots and saddle pads can be used for a wide array of equestrian disciplines, including dressage, eventing, endurance, reining, trail riding, and racing.

“I’m excited about partnering with Equifit and their current line of products,” said Olympic eventer Darren Chiacchia. “Show jumping is an important part of our competition. T-Boots help my horses in that phase of Three-Day Eventing.”

Cherubini, of Boston, Massachusetts, is also an equestrian. “I developed the T-Boot series after years of trying different boots on the market,” said Cherubini. “There really was nothing out there that addressed the full range of issues and conditions that horses encounter in the show ring and in everyday work.” Cherubini competes in the Adult Hunter and Jumper divisions and uses her products on her horses.

Although this is the launch of two new products, EquiFit, Inc. has not stopped planning for new ideas. While the T-Boot Series™ remains their flagship equine merchandise, EquiFit, Inc. is working an overall line of equine leg protection products. These include T-Foam standing wraps, T-Sport polo wraps, as well as a new design for their popular T-Foam saddle pads.

For more information, please visit their website at:, call 1-800-225-2610 ext 128, or fax at 781-329-8392.

Photo Credit: The new T-Boot LUXE™ by EquiFit, Inc. Photo courtesy of EquiFit, Inc.

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