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Giddyup-Gourmet Horse Cookies

Horse Gifts - Horse Treats

Home-baked gourmet goodness in every bite! Giddyup-Gourmet Horse Cookies provides only the finest ingredients in all of their products, guaranteed to please even the "pickiest" of eaters. Four unique and special gourmet flavors different from any other type of horse treat around. A high quality full bodied cookie that you can see the richness.

Giddyup-Gourmet's goal is to provide a variety of healthy and balanced treats that you can feel good about giving to your horse. Every treat is baked and made by hand to ensure quality and freshness. Let your horse experience a new taste sensation like never before. They have confidence your horse will enjoy every bite! Show your "baby" just how special they are. They deserve the best only you can give.

Pony Pleasures Cookies
Home-baked gourmet goodness in every bite. Made with sweet feed, molasses, fresh apples, carrots, alfalfa, brown sugar & flax seeds.

Peppermint Tidbits
Same fresh ingredients with crushed peppermints added.

Fall Harvest Treats
Same fresh ingredients with fresh pumpkin & raisins added.

Tropical Breezers
Same fresh ingredients with fresh cantaloupe, honey dew melon and pineapple added.

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