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Keep Your Horse Winter White With Cowboy Magic

Equine Writer

At winters’ start, you loved to see your horse active and enjoying cooler temperatures. But now, your horse has trampled the drifts, discovered puddles and gathered caked-on mud. After your winter rides, the dirt drips down from beneath his saddle pad, leaving streaking sweat stains. If it were warm enough, you’d trot your pony straight to the wash rack. But what can you do when temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit make it too cold to bathe your horse?

Cowboy Magic declares war on winter dirt with its four-part grooming system: Green Spot Remover, Detangler and Shine, Dry Skin Lotion, and Krud Buster—all work without water and with natural ingredients. Cowboy Magic president Jim Cummings has gathered safe grooming and skin-care products to help keep your horse healthy and looking his best in all seasons. Green Spot Remover dissolves grease, salt and manure without bathing. Detangler and Shine keeps manes and tails manageable and repels excess dirt. Krud Buster keeps skin blemishes clean and reduces winter skin problems such as rain rot, ringworm, and scratches. Fragrance-free Dry Skin Lotion softens horses’ wind-blown skin and keeps your hands supple during and after cold-weather rides.

To show the products’ dirt-cutting and skin-softening power, Cummings supplied seven horse owners in states across the U.S.—Jan Bryant, Cindy Connelly, Pam Federer, Janet Hedman, Lisa Rasmussen, Kim Turney, and Stacy Westfall—with Cowboy Magic’s winter grooming products. The independent testers used the products for two chilly months to keep their horses clean after trail rides, conditioning workouts, and daylong turnout sessions. All seven testers reported an improvement in their horses’ hair and saw dirt disappear without water.

Keep your own horse looking picture-perfect for, during and after cool-weather rides. Here, we asked our testers how they used the products and gathered tips and comments to share with you as you groom your horse this cold-weather season. You’ll keep your horse well groomed and your own skin supple and nourished by following our testers’ advice.

Winter Grooming Regiment

1. Green Spot Remover
Apply Green Spot Remover after a riding or turnout session or before you want your horse to look his best. Spray the product liberally onto small sections of your horse’s back and dirt-stained hair Be sure to work in small sections and rub clean with a terry towel before moving on to bigger spots. Massage in a circular motion. Spray and repeat until dirt is gone. Once the solution dries, brush hair in its natural direction using a dandy brush.

Tester Reports:
Turney reported that her horse’s coat looked shiny and much cleaner after a dry bath with Green Spot Remover. “I took my horse, Catfish, on a two-hour trail ride,” she says. When we returned home, his back and girth had terrible sweat stains. I sprayed on Green Spot Remover once to wet the area and again to get rid of the toughest stains. I got rid of the dirt and sweat stains on his legs—plus, the product has a pleasant odor.”

Federer said her mostly-white Paint Horse always has green, brown and yellow stains. She used the Green Spot Remover after her gelding, Spanky, rolled in the dirt and dry grass. “I only had to apply the product once to fully remove the lesser stains,” she reports. “His haircoat looked and felt wet when I first applied it, but after massaging it in and brushing him, his hair dried and didn’t look different than other parts of his coat that I hadn’t washed. It left him with a clean-looking, consistent coat.”

2. Detangler and Shine
Place a quarter-sized dollop of Detangler and Shine in your palm. Massage the product into your horse’s dry tail hair and mane. Add more product as needed until hair appears shiny and feels soft. Bush through hair with a large-toothed comb, or use your fingers to pull burrs and other debris from the hair.

Tester Reports:
“I loved this product,” Bryant exclaims. “My mare, Shasta, had a dry tail and mane before we started the test. Detangler and Shine noticeably softened it. I was able to easily brush and comb through her tail without the usual static electricity. It does a great job of moisturizing hair. Her tail and mane got better and better with each application—her tail even looks thicker now. Plus, we even got compliments from visiting friends.”

Connelly said Detangler and Shine helped her easily remove burrs from her horse’s mane. “My gelding, Tahoe, had excessive burrs tangled in his mane, forelock and tail,” she reports. “Applying generous amounts of Detangler and Shine, I was able to remove all the burrs quite easily and with minimal loss of hair. Afterwards, I was able to brush through his mane and tail with no resistance. The Detangler and Shine makes Tahoe’s mane and tail amazingly manageable and incredibly shiny. After the initial application, Tahoe’s mane and tail felt cleaner than normal and had maintained shine. I was able to slide burrs out with little difficulty and without applying more solution.”

3. Dry Skin Lotion
Apply a generous amount to your own hands; rub your hands together until the lotion absorbs into your skin. You may also apply the lotion to your horse’s nose, and any rough spots on his legs or throughout his haircoat.

Tester Reports:
Bryant said her hands were noticeably softer after using the lotion. “My hands tend to be very dry,” she says. “The Dry Skin Lotion feels like a drink of cold water on a hot day. I like the lack of fragrance--which tends to become irritating. Plus, my hands stayed moisturized for several hours. I keep it by my kitchen sink to use every time I wash my hands. It’s a great addition to my hand washing regimen. Even my cats love it--they let me pet them just after I use it!”

Rasmussen says the lotion absorbed into her dry skin quickly. “My hands are dry and cracked,” she says. “The lotion wasn’t greasy and my skin felt soft all day.”

4. Krud Buster
Liberally spray Krud Buster onto your horse’s knicks, cuts, or skin blemishes to keep dirt and infection away. The solution will help wash away bacteria and provide disinfecting protection.

Tester Reports:
Connelly says Krud Buster is a must if your horse lives outdoors and constantly nicks his legs, has bite marks from other horses, or has other skin irritants. “Tahoe lives in a large pasture with several other horses,” she explains. “He always seems to have little cuts and bite marks. I used the Krud Buster on all of his wounds and noticed that the scars softened after several applications. Tahoe had also broken out in hives before the test. I generously sprayed the Krud Buster on all affected areas, let it soak for several minutes, toweled it off, then sprayed again. After about three application days, the bumps started to disappear and Tahoe didn’t seem quite as itchy.”

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