Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack - Bits

The Pessoa’s make Magic…….. and pass it on to you in new Hunter Dee styles! New for 2005, Pessoa Bits in Hunter D’s…. Five of the top performing Pessoa bits will now be made with Hunter D’s for the US riders.

Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa are as notable for their innovative products as they are for their many notable riding achievements that fill the equestrian record books. Metalab, one of the leading manufacturers of equestrian equipment has collaborated with the Pessoa‘s to present this Magic System of bits.

Because the Magic SystemTM bits do not collapse like ordinary bits, they combine the flexibility of a jointed mouth with the control of a straight bar mouthpiece.

The patented Magic SystemTM design does not allow the bit to fully collapse, thereby reducing tongue pressure and preventing palate injury. The curved shape comfortably follows the natural contours of the horse's mouth without hurting the bars. It evenly distributes pressure on the tongue and encourages swallowing and relaxation of the jaw. Unique mouthpieces encourage chewing and salivation and produce a softer, more relaxed mouth.