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DuraGuard - new from Absorbine

DuraGuard™ is the first sweat proof, water proof, and worry proof fly spray from Absorbine® proven to kill and repel virtually every species of insect known to torment horses, even under the wettest conditions. DuraGuard is proven to kill on contact and repel up to six times more species of biting and annoying flies and pests than Endure®*.

Duraguard is formulated using our exclusive DuraBond Technology™ to bond the active ingredients to the hair shaft. Water rolls right off, leaving the protection where it belongs. DuraGuard stays active for up to 14 days and is effective on horses, ponies, dogs and as a premise spray.

*Endure is a registered trademark of Farnam Companies Inc.

Available nationally except for New York and California.

About Absorbine®
W. F. Young, Inc. strives to maintain Absorbine's® herbal tradition and transfer that into today's marketplace. Our equine products go through extensive Research & Development and field testing before being placed on the market....not only are they tested on our own horses, but are also thoroughly evaluated by veterinarians, Farriers, trainers, top equine competitors, and leading universities nationwide. We are committed to providing the highest quality products available on the market and are pleased to highlight the following new products.