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Outback Trading Company Launches New Fashion Straw Hats

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Fun, colorful hats with a touch of western style are all the rage for fashion in 2006. In keeping with what’s hot, Outback Trading Company has launched its new collection of fashion straw hats. Available in a variety of colors, silhouettes and featuring fancy new hat bands, the fashion straw hat is a perfect finishing touch for anyone looking to add a little zing to their style.

Head to toe matching outfits, sparkle and accessories were out in full force over the past year and will continue into 2006. The new fashion straw hats stick with this trend and allow people to add a touch of individual personality to their couture. From the feminine Heartfelt to the brightly-colored Cowgirl Glitter and the rustic Wildfire, there is something for everyone. The collection is flirty yet practical with its shapeable brims, unique colors and intricate designs.

“Here at Outback we strive to keep on top of the popular trends, inside and outside of the horse industry,” said Wilson King, President of Outback Trading Company. “From boots to hats, western style is in right now. Our new hats are fun, highly fashionable, yet still functional.”

When western, outback, and fashion elements meet – magic happens. This is the case with the new Wildfire tea-colored hat. This hat features a high 4¼” crown that rests atop a wide wired 3½” brim that can be shaped and re-shaped. It is a new trend-setter with its shredded brim edges and concho-decorated hat band. The chincord adds a little fun, and helps to keep it snug.

The collection’s sweetheart hat, Heartfelt, is prettily painted in pink and wears its heart front and center for all to see. It has a 4½” crown and a 3½” brim. Meanwhile, the Temptation hat takes style to a whole new level with its irresistible combination of colored straw, sparkling bands and fancy fabric covered underbrims. With its own shapeable brim, this hat can be flirty or feisty. It too has a 4½” crown and 3½” brim and is available in the fresh spring colors of apricot, celery, cream, lavender and mud.

If cowgirl spunk is what the lady desires, the Rodeo Time hat is just the answer. This colored straw hat is stenciled with ropers and has a complementary ribbon band. It features a 4½” crown and 3¼” brim and is available in black, pink and red. However, if something attractive, but more natural is preferred, the popular Unbridled hat just might do the trick. This Aussie-shaped hat features a wide 3½” brim that curls and rolls to match any outfit for any occasion. Dressing up the hat are three strands of big, fancy beads around the 4½” crown.

Coming out ablaze in color and sparkle are the Heart’s Afire and the popular Cowgirl Glitter hats. Both feature a 4½” crown with a 3½” brim. The Heart’s Afire hat sports a band with alternating silver hearts and jewel-toned crystals, while the Cowgirl Glitter has plenty of its own bling on its complementary-colored band. The Hearts Afire is also versatile, featuring a brim that can dip or roll to match any mood. It is available in green, pink, purple and red. The Cowgirl Glitter is available in a rainbow of colors including green, fushia, pink, purple, red and yellow.

Trend-setters can’t ignore the Wild Roses hat with its appliqués, crystals and a fresh paint job on the crown and edges of the brim. This hat has style and fun with its shapeable brim, 4” crown and 3¼” brim. It is available in red and pink.

Another star in the fashion straw collection is the Wildflower. This hat has a flirty feminine appeal with its peek-a-boo texture and daisy hatband. It comes in a variety of vibrant spring colors, including cream, lime, pink and turquoise.

Women don’t get to have all of the fun with this Outback collection. Men too can be stylish with the new Eureka and Sundance hats. Both hats feature a trendy western silhouette and are available in natural. The Eureka has a wired 3½” brim, an open-weave crown and a concho-decorated hatband with a chincord. The Sundance is trimmed with a traditional grosgrain ribbon band. It also has open-venting on its 4” crown that adds to its look and its appeal.

To locate an Outback Trading Company retailer near you, call 800-932-5141, ext. 300, or visit Outback online at